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The Q Acoustic E120 has landed

Meet the Q Acoustics E120, the wall-mounted amplifier that promises to revolutionise your home audio experience. With a sleek, modern design available in both black and white, this unit seamlessly integrates into any home decor. Beyond its looks, it's packed with features like Bluetooth for wireless streaming, DAB+ radio, and multiple input options that connect to various audio sources. Imagine controlling your room's atmosphere with high-quality sound, whether you're enjoying a relaxing evening or hosting a party. Easy-to-use with touch-sensitive controls and a clear colour display, this amplifier is the complete audio solution your home has been waiting for.
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How to Choose the Right Garden Sound System

Choosing the perfect garden sound system can elevate your outdoor experience, whether you're hosting a barbecue or simply enjoying nature's beauty. Our guide dives into the different types of outdoor audio solutions, including Bluetooth, WiFi, Landscape, and Portable Battery systems. Each offers unique advantages and features tailored to different needs, be it easy connectivity, range, aesthetics, or portability. Whether you're looking for high-powered speakers, a subtle sound system that blends into your garden, or a convenient wireless setup, we've got you covered.
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Amplifier Power Ratings - RMS vs MAX, PEAK, & IPP

Dive into the intricate world of audio power metrics with this enlightening blog. Unravel the confusion surrounding terms like RMS, Program Power, Peak Power, Max Power, and IPP in amplifiers and speakers. Discover why manufacturers' marketing claims can often be misleading and learn to distinguish true performance indicators from sales jargon. From understanding the significance of RMS as a reliable measure to dissecting the nuances of different power ratings, this guide empowers readers to make informed decisions when choosing audio equipment. Whether you're an audio enthusiast or newcomer, this comprehensive exploration will equip you to navigate the realm of audio power with confidence.