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Protective transportation cases, mixers and all the other essentials needed to begin a DJ hobby or career. The DJ gear market has undergone some serious changes in the last few years with new and improved methods of assisting a DJs workflow. DJ supplies such as headphones help a live artist prepare the next song and laptop stands are used to provide extra room on a DJ stand for a controller or keyboard.

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This expansive collection of DJ equipment for beginners and working professionals are all geared toward easy transportation and reliability when preparing to do some DJ work. From a full-size DJ booth to a mixing console, some mixers featuring onboard amplifiers and high power speaker handling all in one and are very helpful to a working professional. There are many sizes of speaker bags and other protective cases to help move your DJ gear from place to place.

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DJ equipment is at the core of what we do here, with our vast range of products available ensuring you'll find everything that you'll need to get into the studio or play a live event. We stock a large range of systems to suit beginner/bedroom DJs and also protective equipment for the professional, working DJ for hire. The store is full of different DJ supplies to improve the efficiency and mobility of all kinds of DJ gear

DJ Equipment for beginners is a phrase that encapsulates all of the necessities that a new DJ would need for the best start in their careers. With a large selection of DJ supplies to choose from suiting a wide array of occasions such as birthday parties or other indoor events. ElectroMarket work with a variety of smaller brands to stock a wide selection of high-quality and affordable DJ equipment, all without the price tag of big brand names.

DJ Equipment for Beginners

The DJ equipment for beginners range consists of accessories such as headphones, mixers, flight cases and lighting control software to name but a few. Available in a variety of specifications and price points, whether you're buying new, replacing or upgrading, there is a huge range of professional-level add ons to enhance your experience. With items from brands such as Power Dynamics and Vonyx, as well as an ever-growing selection of products from the well-known Studiomaster and now featuring modular stage decks from Alustage.

DJ headphones slightly differ in design from a normal pair of headphones, as they have to compensate for increased volume levels, this is often bass-heavy music. Made from a durable material that withstands live use, enduring the physical pressures that can occur during a DJ set as new songs are prepared for playback. There are also collections of feature-filled DJ Controllers to provide the ultimate control of your set, with both CD Mixers and DJ Media Players to connect up for handy audio playback.

In addition to the core equipment, available elsewhere in the store is a wide selection of accessories to help get you up and running. Featuring hundreds of cables for speaker systems and power distribution, stands for speakers and lights, cables and adapters for audio equipment hookup, as well as cases and bags for music media storage, equipment protection and transportation. Cases are often overlooked, but professional audio equipment is a substantial investment, and protecting it during the rigours of weekly usage is the most sensible part of that investment you to consider.

DJ Supplies

With DJ supplies to complement stands and lighting bars, a full range of clamps and connectors helps to safely attach lighting, effects units, displays and suspended cabling. As mentioned there are stage decks and the clamps for securing staging and trussing together, connectors for joining frames and weighted base plates for secure placement of vertical poles and truss. Cabling, which is an entire category on its own, covers everything you could need from speaker hookup, analogue and digital connections, lighting control, signal lines and power supply distribution.

Extension units and patch bays, stage boxes and multicore signal connectors for making simple work of even the most complex setup. DJ Stands play a large role in the DJ and live music world these days, from a standard frame style DJ booth to the classic t-bar lighting stand bundle, which allows easy placement of disco light fixtures. DJ stands will allow secure placement of equipment such as keyboards, laptops and DJ decks for easy and efficient access to each device simultaneously.

DJ equipment probably has one of the largest ranges of different accessories and extras available in any retail setting. The selection is huge and covers storage, transport, fixings, stands and all the cables and parts for hooking up and looking after your rig. Soft bags for cables and clamps, padded and shaped bags for equipment transport and protection are all very popular with customers. Many modern lighting effects, DJ controllers, laptops and speaker systems have custom shaped padded storage bags available which give them protection from knocks and light weather damage, keeping everything in good condition and organised neatly.

Should I buy a flight case?

Flight cases are designed for the travelling performer to transport their DJ tools between performances. However, if you want to make absolutely sure that your gear is protected, a flight case will get the job done. Artists and touring crews all over the UK can benefit from these ultra-protective, portable flight cases.

A lot of venues in Great Britain are situated up at least one flight of stairs, and often with no elevator to assist with load-ins and perhaps more frustratingly, load-outs. The handles and wheels attached to these flight cases are helpful when moving heavier gear, and they can also be stacked during storage/transport. They offer the toughest and most durable protection of all the DJ cases available, with heavy-duty locks and casters for manoeuvring larger, heavier items easily and safely.