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Our range of home audio equipment covers a vast range of products that can be utilised effectively at home for a huge variety of purposes. Including speakers, record players, DAB radios, amplifiers, home studio equipment and a large number of accessories, our home audio range covers all aspects of audio purposes in a home setting.

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Audio at home is an essential way to make your household more enjoyable and exciting. Home audio can come in many different forms and utilised in many different ways, for example, you could have a small portable speaker with Bluetooth for use in your garden, or you could have a multi-speaker installed sound system throughout your entire house as a permanent audio solution.

The equipment that you go for will entirely depend on what you intend to use the item(s) for. If you want a simple Bluetooth audio system, you could go for one of our Boombox speakers, or you could even go for one of our Bluetooth-enabled record players.

For background music purposes, our DAB radio range is perfect as they are compact units that offer radio playback as well as input options for your own music. For the same purpose of background music, you could go for a more permanent solution such as an amplifier with ceiling speakers which are installed into your ceiling for a really discreet appearance.

Whatever the decision you make, our huge range of accessories is guaranteed to enhance the audio experience at home. This includes brackets for TVs and monitors, studio monitor stands, record cases and microphones.

What is the best home sound system?

When looking for the best audio system for your home, you will need to consider the uses you will get out of it and how you want to utilise it. For those who want to enjoy high-quality audio with TV, films and gaming, HiFi or surround sound speakers will be the most ideal. If you want to enjoy your favourite music with a small and simple solution, one of our Bluetooth speakers would be best.

HiFi speakers are great to use for music and entertainment needs. They reproduce audio in a highly accurate manner which makes them ideal to use with a TV when watching films for a more immersive experience, as you will hear the audio exactly as the sound engineer intended it to be.

Bluetooth speakers are great for a simple way to listen to your favourite songs. They are usually compact in design so take up a minimal amount of space but are still powerful units at home which is ideal for small gatherings. The Bluetooth connectivity allows you to pair your phone wirelessly with the speaker and then stream audio. A lot of the Bluetooth speakers we have to offer also feature built-in rechargeable batteries which makes them suitable for use in a garden, perfect for summer parties and barbecues.

If you are looking for a more permanent audio solution in your home, we would recommend our large range of installed speakers. These include speakers that are mounted in cut-outs in a ceiling which provide a more discreet finish, and also wall-mounted speakers which are compact units with brackets. Both of these systems are ideal for background music in your home, perfect when doing housework or when you have friends and family over.

Home studio equipment

Our large range of home studio equipment covers everything you could need in a studio setting and is perfect for home audio. This includes studio monitor speakers, microphone kits, audio interfaces, headphones, mixing desks and stands.

Studio monitor speakers can be used as normal playback speakers for music purposes, but this isn't recommended as the speakers' sound will be dramatically different depending on where they are located. In short, it is best to be within 1 metre of the speakers and have them located so that the tweeters are around ear-level. This means that you will be hearing the speakers properly with no unwanted noise hindering their sound. They are perfect for audio mixing and essential in any studio setting, whether it is a beginner or professional setup.

For the best sound quality and more surface and floor space are studio monitor stands. Mounting your studio monitors on these stands reduces rattling and gives you more overall space on the floor or surface that they're mounted on. This is ideal for recording situations where you want minimal background noise.

Microphones are an extremely important part of a home studio system. They allow the recording of speech and instruments and are great for podcasting, singing and speech recordings. We have a wide range of mic stands to offer with our studio mics, and these give the user free reign when it comes to positioning.

The mixing desks and audio interfaces we offer give you a simple way to connect microphones and instruments to your PC ready to record. Our wide range of mixers have built-in effects and EQ control, providing customisable sound.

Buy home audio equipment

Whatever your specific needs and requirements are, you can be certain to find what you need within our ever-growing catalogue of items. Bring your home to life with our home audio items that are perfect for the casual listener as well as the more established audiophiles.

At ElectroMarket, we pride ourselves on our service and after-sales care. Whether it's a low or high-value order, we will always ensure to meet your expectations and make your shopping experience as simple as possible.

If you are new to this industry or not sure exactly what you need for your requirements, it can be overwhelming when browsing audio equipment as you don't know where to start. If you need any advice or information about any of our equipment and what would work best for you, please feel free to contact us as we will be more than happy to help.