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Home Audio is our place for all of the products and packages that are perfect for the home and bedroom DJ or party lover, and for all our other equipment that's designed for entertaining.

We have a great range of HiFi Speakers from Fenton, available as floor standing tower speakers or surround sound speakers and perfect bookshelf HiFi Speakers from the like of Skytec and Adastra.

If you're quite a fan of Bluetooth in general, we offer a grand variety of Bluetooth Speakers to take out and about, ensuring you'll be the kingmaker of any musical occasion. There are HiFi Sytems and Stereo Systems on offer to cater to both the young and old and record players to spin your records - a proper musical device to bring back that old school cool.

And if you're looking to hit the drum, we offer the perfect alternative to listening to music - making your own. With our electronic drum kits, available as either an 8 or 9 piece set, you can be certain to open yourself up to a variety of advantages that you wouldn't get with a regular drum kit, including sound editing functionality, extra quality sound and much more.

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