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Scanner lights operate using rotating motors and mirrors, producing a strong lighting effect perfect for illuminating dancefloors.

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  1. BeamZ Triple Flex LED DJ Scanner Light - 40W RGB
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    Regular Price £195.00 Special test Price £130.00
    BeamZ Triple Flex LED DJ Scanner Light - 40W RGB
    • Triple flex disco scanner light
    • 72x RGB LEDs with three motors and mirrors
    • 7-channel DMX control and master/slave synchronising
    • Automatic mode with adjustable speed
    • Sound-to-light activation with adjustable sensitivity
    Regular Price £195.00 Special test Price £130.00
    In stock

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Our scanner light range at ElectroMarket offers a unique take on moving light fixtures. The mirror section of the scanner is connected to a rotating motor which allows the light itself to stay stationary while the LED effect is washing the room. This makes each of our scanners perfect for lighting up floors and walls, and a solid choice for mobile DJs.

You also have the bonus of DMX control with most of our scanners, so if you want to be a bit more creative with your light show then you can choose the exact pattern and colours that the light will follow. This is best for more professional and larger events, however DMX is a viable option for an impressive light show, no matter the size of the event.

Following on from this, you can use multiple scanners at the same time that are following the same patterns in unison but without the use of added DMX equipment. This is by utilising the master and slave functions on the lights. By setting one light on an auto-show, you can select that light to be in 'master' mode using the LCD screen menu, and then set another light to be in 'slave' mode. This makes each light work side by side and will produce a professional, synchronised light show.

The selectable gobo of each light projects a pattern on surfaces such as stars and flowers which makes these lights great for disco use. They also all have adjustable mounting brackets so you can fit them to your lighting stand straight away.

Scanner Lights For DJs

Suitable for both permanent fixtures and as a part of a mobile DJs rig, our scanner lights on sale offer a great variety of features in a portable frame. The lights come with sturdy hanging/mounting brackets for fitting to T-bars and lighting stands in venues, where they can also be easily removed and packed away. Their durable housing and design make them usable for long periods of time; if a pub or club wanted to purchase one, for example.

Implementation in any venue is guaranteed to provide excellent lighting effects that work in perfect harmony with any music being played. Operable on a sound-activation mode and an automatic mode, there is always an instant setup option included with the lights.

The built-in microphone on some of these lights engages the light’s responses to be in time with the music heard. The sensitivity can be adjusted for a more or less reactive light that can either be very hyperactive and responsive to sound or a light that only really alters in response to loud noises, such as deep bass production.

The DJ scanners are the perfect utility for mobile lighting effects, where the fixture is powered by a simple mains power supply connection. Selecting the automatic mode that is available on some of the lights makes it run through pre-programmed displays, which is perfect for instantaneous setting up and for users unfamiliar with DMX programming.

DMX Controls On Scanning Lights

Fortunately for those with no knowledge of DMX, there are pre-programmed shows that can run with no requirement for you to intervene or make adjustments. However, there are adjustable parameters on these integrated programs so that you can still add your own personal touch to the performance.

The effects scope of these portable DJ scanners contains strobe, tilting and panning. With adjustable speeds, the movement of the lights is excellent at hyping up parties and performances. Each has its own address value on a channel that can be selected with the buttons on the lights and seen on the LCD display screen.

Tilting and panning can light up all the walls and the dancefloor, ensuring that patterns and vibrantly coloured light are constantly darting around the room. Strobes can create the typically thought of rave atmosphere, with high energy music and dancing.

You can select which order you want the colours to change, when you want the strobe/panning to begin and for how long. The option to assign a colour or effect to each individual light is easily accessible with DMX commands.

DMX capabilities on these lights allow you to connect many fixtures together in a daisy chain. The master/slave functions create a unified display where each one works in synchronisation with the master controlled fixture. This ability can be used in conjunction with all of the effects available across the range of scanning lights.

Gobo Features On Scanning Lights

The BeamZ Triple Flex Centre LED Pro has 72 high output LEDs that shine through the space with scattered beams of multicoloured light. The RGB LED lights, in this example, can also create magenta when combined together. Most of the other scanners, on the other hand, have up to 8 colours for an extra element of illumination and atmospheric effect to really liven up any venue.

Combined with gobo wheels, your lights can project different patterns and shapes onto any surface. The BeamZ Professional IntiScan300, for instance, has 8 different gobos that accompany its spotlight. The gobos can be used whilst static or in shake mode for erratic and energetic lighting. Moreover, the lights can twirl and rotate for shining all throughout the venue which makes for a great atmospheric addition to enlivening your DJ set. 

Buy DJ Scanner Lights

Overall these rotating mirror lights are suited for parties and discos as well as live performances by bands or DJs, where energetic lighting is required for building on the atmosphere of the event.

Their DMX controls and features provide a broad range of effects to be used in different situations with various effects that can be totally customised by the user for the most unique and fitting performances. They can also run off of the preexisting shows or even create their own unique show by responding to audio levels to sync up with the rhythm of your music.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a scanner light?

Scanner lights use rotating motors and mirrors to project vibrant, dynamic lighting effects ideal for illuminating dance floors and event spaces. These lights feature RGB colour mixing, built-in gobo patterns, and programmes, making them versatile for creating a lively atmosphere.

They can operate in automatic mode, react to music through sound activation, and offer DMX control for precise lighting design. Suitable for both fixed installations and mobile setups, scanner lights enhance the visual experience at parties, performances, and other gatherings

Where are scanner lights used?

Scanner lights are primarily used by DJs and in stage settings to create dynamic, engaging lighting effects that enhance the atmosphere of music performances, clubs, and dance events. These versatile lights are designed to project colourful, moving patterns and beams across the dance floor and throughout the venue, adding visual excitement and complementing the musical experience.

Their ability to synchronise with the beat of the music or be controlled via DJ equipment makes them an essential element in setting the mood and energising the crowd during live performances and parties.

Are scanner lights expensive?

The cost of DJ scanner lights can vary widely based on features like light intensity, colour capabilities, patterns, and control options. Basic models might be more affordable, offering essential functions suitable for smaller venues or beginners. On the other hand, professional-grade scanner lights with advanced features, such as extensive DMX controls and superior light quality, can be more expensive, catering to larger events or venues.

Are scanner lights safe to look at?

The safety of looking directly at scanner lights, like those used in DJ and stage settings, depends on several factors including intensity, exposure time, and distance. Generally, it's advised to avoid direct, prolonged eye contact with any bright light sources, including scanner lights, to prevent potential eye strain or damage.

Are DJ scanner lights DMX controlled?

Yes, many DJ scanner lights are designed to be DMX controlled, allowing DJs and lighting technicians to precisely manipulate their functions, such as colour, patterns, and motion, through a DMX mixing console. This control enables synchronised lighting effects tailored to the music and atmosphere of the event, offering a high degree of creativity and customisation in the lighting design.

Are scanner lights LED?

Many modern scanner lights use LEDs as their light source because LEDs offer several advantages, including energy efficiency, longevity, and the ability to produce vibrant colours. LED scanner lights can provide bright, dynamic lighting effects suitable for DJ performances and stage shows, making them a popular choice for both amateur and professional settings. Their durability and lower power consumption also make LED scanner lights an economical and environmentally friendly option in the lighting industry.