ElectroMarket Reward Points

electromarket points reward scheme

The EM Points scheme allows ElectroMarket to give something back to our loyal customers, with reward points being given on the majority of our products found across the online store, giving you a huge selection to choose from and to start earning.

Everybody loves a discounted price, and the EM Points scheme lets you gather up reward points as you shop, which can be saved up and spent whenever you decide in the form of money off your online shopping basket.

The EM points scheme is exclusive to the ElectroMarket web store. The collecting and redeeming of EM points is only available to online purchases and excludes orders made either in-store or over the telephone.

How to collect EM Points

There is a few ways you can gather points. The easiest way to accumulate points is to order from the ElectroMarket website.

You gain 1 point for every £1 spent. e.g. Spend £100 and collect 100 EM Points. You can see how many points you'll earn on each product page.

As either a new or returning customer to ElectroMarket you will be required to create an account / sign into your existing customer account in order for your EM Points to be rewarded to you. Not only is creating an online account easy and simple, but it will also gain you 10 additional points.

For those interested in our latest product offers, you can also subscribe to our newsletter in the footer of our site to gain an additional 10 points, plus lots of special occasions where points may be available to be claimed!

How to spend EM Points

Once you start collecting EM Points to your account, redeeming them as money off couldn't be simpler. Your available rewards points will be selectable on the payment method page of the checkout.

Each EM Point collected is equal to £0.02. e.g. 100 EM Points = £2.00 off

Once selected, the reward points will be added to your order summary and their value discounted from the order total.

Once used against a purchase, EM Points will be removed from your account balance.

How to view your EM points balance

Once signed in to your ElectroMarket account you will be taken to the ‘My Account’ page which allows you to edit your preferred billing and address information. To the left of the screen in the grey highlighted sidebar you will see ‘Reward Points’, click on this and you will be presented with your personal reward points details showing current points balance, along with information on how the points were collected and when.

Alternatively for customers already signed in, click this direct link here.

Terms and Conditions

Customers can collect 1 point for every £1.00 spent including VAT and shipping on eligible products. Other bonus points may be offered from time-to-time on the website.

Any refunds will deduct the equivalent points (e.g. Refund of £10 = -10 points).

Some products may not be eligible for the points program. These products will be noticeable on the website by either the lack of points mentioned on the product page, or the information that EM Points are not eligible. The majority of products will collect points.

Each EM Point is equal to £0.02 to spend (gross).

Points expire after 730 days (i.e. 2 years).

Points can only be collected for purchases made on electromarket.co.uk e-commerce website on purchases made on or after 1st March 2019.

Points can only be collected and spent on the electromarket.co.uk e-commerce website. It is not possible to collect or spend points in-store or over the phone. It is not possible to transfer points to any other customer account - the points will stay with the original customer account where the points were collected.

If we believe abuse has been made or attempted of the EM Points system, we reserve the right to deduct any points gained by that customer and/or close their customer account (i.e. removing all points collected).

The EM Points program can be changed (e.g. collecting and spending rates may change, etc.) or the program ended at any point for any reason and no monetary reimbursement will be allowed. Therefore the points program does not represent any cash value until the points are spent against an order.