Our Authors

Here at ElectroMarket we are proud to have assembled a diverse content writing team that varies greatly in their backgrounds, age groups, and personal experiences, both in and away from the audio industry.

With a great mix of specialist technical knowledge and product-specific expertise, the team's main aim is always to make the often confusing technical jargon of our audio products easy to understand, while still maintaining the more in-depth information for those that require it.

With several of our writers having extensive, hands-on experience of using, servicing, and the professional application of PA equipment, DJ equipment and effects lighting systems, you will find our content highly informative while remaining lighthearted and easy to digest for the none-technically minded.

Our team of writers come with a range of interests and work positions that have covered everything from education, sports, the entertainment industry and live music production and performance, allowing them to bring a wealth of information and expression to all of our blogs and editorial content.

Glenn Newton

Glenn Newton AuthorGlenn Newton Author
Fixer and maker of things. Knowledge hound. Introverted empath. Tea. Crisps. Scifi. Music. Animals

Josh Clarke

Josh Clarke AuthorJosh Clarke Author
Fanatical about heavy metal and cats. Lover of anything horror. Has an unhealthy obsession with crisps

Laura Yeates

Laura Yeates AuthorLaura Yeates Author
Marketing graduate, Shopaholic, Serial series watcher, Italian food lover, Avid concert goer, Travel enthusiast

Angela Newton

Qualified teacher. Mum of two. Perfectionist. Avid reader. Hobby baker. Pizza fan. D&D. Exercise mad