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Lighting & Effects are what makes a party or event, whether that may be a home gathering or a large wedding hall, the wide variety of mood lighting, effect lighting, and atmospheric effects can set things off in style.

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Whether you're putting on a show, or hosting an event, Lighting & Effects provide that atmospheric touch to any occasion.

At ElectroMarket, you'll find a wide variety of lighting effects, from the trusty laser lights and moving heads that are perfect for any nightclub or DJ to strobe lighting whose presence will bring their pulsating vibe to any occasion.

We also offer a variety of lighting solutions that are great for getting any party into gear, with everything from UV party lights to a massive selection of LED effects. If you're looking to kick it back old-school and groove on down to the dancefloor, we've got a wide selection of carefully chosen disco lights for you to explore that include derby lights, party bars and other wild and whacky LED arrays.

If you're hosting an event and are looking to deck out a hall or venue, you'll discover a massive selection of LED par cans to work as that perfect uplighter, LED light bars that are great for painting a room with powerful multi-coloured light and a whole host of superior lighting packages, carefully put together to decorate any stage, party or event.

Why LED? We believe that LED is the future. It's long-lasting, it's highly durable and keeps cool even after hours of usage - reducing risks from fire and malfunction. Unlike other products that came before it, LED lighting is cheap and affordable, environmentally safe and offers functionality like no other.

To complement our lighting range, we've worked hard to put together the ultimate range of atmospheric effects to truly set the ambience of any event, venue or occasion. These powerful devices consist of smoke machines, snow machines and bubble machines, the perfect trio for upping your game. We've also got all of the necessary fluids you'll need to ensure you can keep these atmospheric effect machines topped up.