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Lighting & Effects are what makes a party or event, whether that may be a home gathering or a large wedding hall, the wide variety of mood lighting, effect lighting, and atmospheric effects can set things off in style.

At ElectroMarket, we offer a wide variety of lighting effects, from the trusty laser lights - perfect for nightclubs and DJs to strobe lighting whose presence will bring their pulsating vibe to any occasion. For those events that want to go full out, we offer a variety of UV blacklights to throw a soft purple hue over your event, as well as a massive range of LED lighting effects to truly get the party started.

To compliment our lighting range, we've worked hard to put together the perfect range of atmospheric effects to truly set the ambience, these include smoke machines and low fog machines in a variety of power and size options, from trusted brands like BeamZ and FXLab. Alongside this, we also have snow machines to create your very own winter wonderland and bubble machines for those children's parties, with available fluid packages to ensure you'll never run low.

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