Microphones come in a huge range of designs depending on your specific use. Whether you're looking for a microphone fit for the studio, a microphone perfect for the stage or simply a wired microphone for broadcasting your voice, we have a wide range for you to browse.

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Microphones are imperative to vocal performance. This can include live stage shows or even a big meeting at work but you should always use the correct type of mic for your intended use. It's very easy to get lost in today's electronic market, but allow us to guide you along your journey with the many options to choose from above.

For example, if you are performing on stage and don't want to risk any trips over the wiring, we supply wireless microphones packaged with the relevant gear. If you need your hands free to do other things we stock specialist clip-on microphones which are suited toward working professionals. We provide a few studio condenser microphones also, this is to assist with the production quality of podcasts and gaming streams.

We also have wired and wireless headset mics too, for both call centre staff and onstage singer/dancers. It's a vast selection but whichever you go for always ensure you pick the correct mic to avoid disappointment. Make a statement, come across clearly and deliver a stunning performance with our massive range of dynamic microphones.