Speakers are arguably the most essential part of any live sound, recording studio or multi-room setup. They link the artist to the audience and owning a great speaker system to back your audio up will ensure you can make some noise whatever the occasion!

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The range of speakers and speaker systems on the market is enormous, covering everything from the smallest Bluetooth pocket-sized unit to full club and arena systems.

Navigating your way through the bombardment of sales jargon and tech baffle given by both manufacturers and retailers can be a total mess, with many people ending up with unsuitable equipment for their needs due to misleading information, or a misunderstanding of what they are actually buying. Thankfully, the separate categories for speakers on our site are split into various speaker types and usage to help you at least know you are looking at the right gear for the job.

At ElectroMarket, we know that not everyone is an expert or has owned this type of equipment before, and even if you have, the changes in technology and performance levels have been significant enough in the last few years that what you thought you knew probably isn't that relevant anymore, thus we strive to make it as easy as possible to find the speaker product that you need. However, if you find you need any additional help in discovering the right product for you, don't feel afraid to reach out and send us a message on live chat with what you're looking for. We'll happily be on hand to assist.

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At ElectroMarket, you'll find a wide range of various speakers with features that include Bluetooth functionality, integrated MP3 audio players, battery operation, durable designs with built-in wheels and handles for versatility as well as some speaker devices which include digital amplifiers on the rear of the speaker, allowing the device to be free from having to be connected up an additional amplifier.

With the larger professional systems, best used by DJs, bands and other live performances, you'll find a selection of extremely powerful, robust and technically advanced devices. These devices are jam-packed with features like active digital crossovers and wide sound field dispersion, allowing truly outstanding sound reproduction at those higher output levels, whilst also remaining affordable and lightweight enough for manoeuvrability.

From a classic speaker to studio monitors, to mobile entertainment units and high power performance rigs, there is something to suit all budgets and every situation that requires sound. Whatever speaker type you may be looking for, you'll find a great selection of speakers from a wide variety of brands at ElectroMarket, all of which are reliable, cost-effective and are certain to produce the astounding results that you're looking for again and again.