Speakers are arguably the most important part of any live sound or multi-room setup. They are the link between performer and audience and a speaker system can either greatly enhance or detract from the performance experience.

ElectroMarket has selected PA Speakers from a wide selection of manufacturers and price points to ensure there is a speaker for everyone, from our professional range featuring RCF and Turbosound, the ever-popular Mackie Thump and classic brands such as Peavey and Cerwin-Vega.

We also have the modern versatile Active Speakers with built-in amplification, classic Passive Speakers for a more traditional setup, along with a selection of Subwoofers to give your system that extra low end. These are joined by our large range of Portable PA Systems from brands such as Vonyx and Skytec which provide one box solutions perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

We have Studio Monitors from industry favourites KRK and a wide selection from Behringer and Tannoy available to suit all budgets and requirements, and our Installation Speakers with both in-wall and ceiling speaker options offers you a catalogue full of industry-standard fixtures from popular brands like E-Audio and Eagle, through to the professional choices from Bosch and Monacor.

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