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PA Speakers are fundamental when it comes to amplifying the volume of both music and vocals, offering quality sound at an affordable price point. Our Active PA speakers have amplifiers built right into the speaker cabinet, this negates the need for an external amplifier. Additionally, we stock a select range of passive PA speakers that require a separate amplifier to receive power but provides a refined control of your sound output.

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Excellent for venues and rehearsal spaces alike, most modern PA speakers for sale are able to be angled on the reverse allowing for stage monitor use at your discretion. This horizontal placement allows live performers to hear their parts a little easier, with some even having different EQ modes to suit your intended usage. For example, cutting the frequencies will most likely cause feedback, either way, much of the speakers found here can also be used conventionally on speaker stands.

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Designed and built with user simplicity in mind, our PA collection is suited to those that need to make their voices heard. By connecting a microphone you can make vocals very loud which is helpful for public addresses, karaoke performances, and much more. The sound reinforcement provided by our huge PA speaker range is ideal for modestly sized venues such as bars and pubs among others.

An excellent way to entertain others, our PA systems offer a wide variety of different ways in which you can utilise them. Browse the range and look at the reverse side of the speakers via the pictures attached to the respective listing. Here you will see which inputs are available for you to use, most microphones will have an XLR cable attached to them for a natural, balanced vocal sound.

Most of the speakers have a simple plug-in and play dynamic with many being compatible with Bluetooth among multiple other input choices for you to take advantage of. This enhanced versatility makes the speakers an ideal choice for mobile DJs, communicating with students in schools, function band gigs, or indoor sports venues to name a few. Once you have found the right system for you, connect a smart device or USB drive and play music at volume without issue.

PA Speakers For Sale

Our PA collection while broad, is full of reliable and durable systems that provide audible vocals and music to your chosen place of use. There are many ways to get the most from your speaker system, for example, we offer handy kits that come with various speaker accessories such as speaker stands or PA mixers. These additives can help to improve your final sound output and treat your audiences to an evening of quality entertainment.

You will find a wide range of speakers here with features that include Bluetooth functionality and powerful integrated media players. Many of the durable systems we stock have built-in wheels and handles for portability as well as some that include digital equalisers on the rear of the speaker, this EQ allows the shape of your sound to be fine-tuned to achieve the final output desired.

Whichever style of speaker you select, you'll find a reliable and cost-effective method of producing the results that you're looking for again and again. From a studio monitor to a mobile entertainment unit, there is something to suit all budgets and every situation that requires audible sound. We have been providing speakers for a wide array of beginner and professional use for over 15 years and are happy to help you discover the right setup for you, simply contact our customer service team.

Small PA Speakers

A pair of Small PA Speakers are arguably the most essential part of any live sound, recording studio, or public address system to name a few applications. They can link the artist to their audience and owning a decent speaker system to back your audio up will ensure you can make some noise whatever the occasion. With an exceptionally common dynamic microphone, seen best in front of almost every live vocalist, the XLR base will provide a solid and uninterrupted flow of vocal signal information to any audience.

At ElectroMarket, we know not everyone is an expert or has owned this type of equipment before, the advancements in speaker technology have been significant in the last decade. Some of your speaker knowledge may no longer be all that relevant, thus we strive to make it as easy as possible to find the speaker set for your needs. However, if you find you need any additional help in discovering the right product for you, don't hesitate to reach out over the phone or send us a message on live chat with what you're looking for.

Navigating your way through the bombardment of sales jargon and tech baffle given by both manufacturers and retailers can be a total mess. Every day, there are more speakers to shop through on the internet, it can be tough to decide which systems are right for you. However, here you can select separate speaker categories that are split into various types and usages to help customers get the right gear for their requirements.

Are PA Speakers good for music?

PA speakers are usually geared toward announcements and other vocal applications such as karaoke or calling bingo numbers and so on. However, some models also give you excellent sound reproduction, often with multiple ways to connect and sync up with other equipment or smart devices.

There are a lot of different kinds of speaker systems, but most of them serve the same purpose so try to find one with an included microphone or two. These microphones will come in handy at some point, whether they are your primary microphones or your backup mics in case your main mics are not operating at one hundred per cent. Always ensure you thoroughly check the inputs and outputs that you will need for your intended usage to avoid any logistical issues.

Much of the PA design has been adapted for multiple purposes nowadays including the aforementioned angled design, which allows for horizontal use. Horizontal use is slightly different to stand mounting, as the speaker is laid down on stage for use by live performers to hear themselves clearly as they perform. Always check the reverse of speakers while you are shopping as your choice may give you more ways to use the system in the long run.