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Passive PA Speakers with Stands & Cables - Max SP12

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  • 1400W passive speaker set with stands and cables
  • Stereo audio when connected to a suitable amplifier (not included)
  • 3-way speaker design with bass ports
  • Compact system for ease of transport
  • Corner protectors and metal grilles to avoid damage
Product Description

This 1400W package includes two Max SP12 passive PA speakers, a pair of height-adjustable speaker stands and two 6.3mm Jack cables to connect to a suitable power amplifier (not included). By mounting the speakers on the included stands, their sound will be carried further throughout a venue and vibrations will be reduced for the best sound quality possible.

When connected to a suitable power amplifier, these passive speaker boxes will achieve stereo audio. In any PA setting, this is ideal, as the left and right signals of any audio mix will be split between the speakers for maximum immersion in the sound.

The included SP12 unpowered speakers have a 3-way design with 12" woofers, midrange horns and tweeter drivers. The frequency range of any audio is split between these drivers accordingly to achieve extremely accurate sound reproduction. Each speaker also features integrated reflex ports for a deep and defined bass response.

This passive PA speaker set is a compact solution, allowing for easy transport between locations. The tripod stands can be folded down, and the speakers have built-in carry handles on both sides of the cabinet for easy movement, ideal for mobile use.

Each passive speaker box in this set features corner protectors and metal grilles to protect them against any damage during transit. The metal grilles protect the 12" woofers against dents and any tears in the material to keep the speakers in great condition for years of use.

Package Includes

  • 2x Max SP12 Passive PA speakers
  • 2x Vonyx Height-adjustable Speaker Stands
  • 2x Soundlab 6.3mm Jack Speaker Cables 3m

Key Points

  • 1400W passive speaker pair with included height-adjustable speaker stands and two 6.3mm Jack speaker cables to connect to an amplifier (not included)
  • Stereo audio achieved when connected to a suitable amplifier for maximum immersion
  • 3-way speaker design with 12" woofers, midrange horns and tweeters as well as bass reflex ports for accurate sound reproduction
  • Compact design for ease of movement, transport and storage
  • Corner protectors and metal grilles to protect the speakers against any unwanted damage
  • 2-Year extended warranty

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