1500W PA Power Amplifier - Vonyx VXA-1500 MKII

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1500W PA Power Amplifier - Vonyx VXA-1500 MKII
( DDA0438 )

( DDA0438 )

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Key Features

  • 1500W PA amplifier
  • Stereo and bridge mode
  • Speakon, 6.3mm Jack and bare wire outputs
  • Ground lift switch
  • 19" rack-mountable design

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Product Description

The Vonyx VXA-1500 PA power amplifier offers 750W power per channel, providing high-quality stereo audio when used with suitable passive PA speakers. With a low noise level and a wide frequency range, this audio power amplifier is suitable for a wide range of professional applications.

This PA system amplifier can be operated in stereo and bridge mode meaning it can be used with two separate passive speakers or one PA speaker with higher power capabilities. The stereo mode is perfect for use with two PA speakers of 750W or less power, while the bridged mode is best used with a single unit such as a subwoofer to combine the power outputs of both channels for one high-power mono signal to be outputted.

Suitable for use with a wide range of speakers, this PA power amplifier features Speakon, 6.3mm Jack and bare wire terminals. These are the three different connections that you will find on any passive PA speaker, making the VXA-1500 perfect for use with any speaker with suitable power ratings.

Including a ground lift switch, this audio power amplifier offers low noise levels when in use. The ground lift removes any unwanted buzz or hum that can be caused by a ground loop, making for low noise levels and high sound quality. It also features a peak LED indicator on each channel to tell you when you are running signals with too much gain or pushing the amplifier to volume levels where it will start distorting.

Perfect for permanent installation in commercial settings, this PA power amplifier has a 19" rack-mountable design, allowing it to be placed in a racking system to keep it central with your other audio equipment. The rack-mountable design also makes the amplifier suitable to mount in a flight case, great for situations where you will be transporting the unit between locations to avoid any damage.

Key Points

  • 1500W PA amplifier offering 750W per channel, suitable for professional applications
  • Stereoand bridge mode, making the amplifier suitable for use with a pair of passive speakers or one high-powered speaker or subwoofer
  • Speakon, 6.3mm Jack and bare wire outputs, suitable for any passive speaker
  • Ground lift switch to remove any unwanted hum and buzz for low noise levels
  • 19" rack-mountable design for use in a racking system or flight case
  • 2-Year extended warranty
  • High quality 2x750W stereo amplifier
  • Stereo and bridge mode
  • Clip LEDs for indicating overload
  • Ground lift switch
  • Perfect DC output protection
  • 19" rack mountable
  • RCA and 6.3mm Jack inputs
  • NL2 speaker connectors, 6.3mm Jack and terminal outputs
  • Output channels: 2
  • Peak Power Bridged 8 Ohms (W) : 1500
  • Peak Power 8 Ohms (W) : 2 x 500
  • Peak Power 4 Ohms (W) : 2 x 750
  • Max Bridged 8 Ohms (W) : 760
  • Max Power 8 Ohms (W) : 2 x 280
  • Max Power 4 Ohms (W) : 2 x 380
  • RMS Bridged 8 Ohms (W) : 380
  • RMS Power 8 Ohms (W) : 2 x 140
  • RMS Power 4 Ohms (W) : 2 x 190
  • Speaker connections: 6.3mm jack, Speaker screw terminal
  • Input connections: 6.3mm Jack, RCA
  • Output connections: 6.3mm Jack, NL-4
  • Frequency response : 10Hz - 20.000Hz
  • Crosstalk: >70dB
  • Signal-to-noise ratio: >90dB
  • Damping Factor: >250
  • Slew rate: 30V/uS
  • Input sensitivity line: 775mV - 1.2V
  • Input impedance: 20 kOhm
  • Power supply: 220-240VAC 50Hz
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 482 x 295 x 88mm
  • Is the item 19"?: Yes
  • Weight: 7.5500
  • MPN: 172.054
Customer Reviews
Product Questions
Hi can you tell me rms output into 8 ohms and is it fan cooled
Question by: john Brown on 3 Sep 2020, 13:24
At 8ohm this unit will produce 500W RMS, the unit is fan cooled.
Answer by: Kris Wold on 4 Sep 2020, 09:18
Where can I get cooling fan, mine not running properly
Question by: Stephen McNeill on 3 Nov 2022, 12:14
Please contact our customer service team on 0203 326 0900 or info@electromarket.co.uk
Answer by: Glenn Newton on 3 Nov 2022, 15:14