Halloween Sale

It’s that time of year for fantastic Halloween deals at ElectroMarket, with all your favourite special effects like smoke machines, low fog machines, UV lighting and disco lights to transform the atmosphere of your events.

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Halloween Deals

Here at ElectroMarket we love our Halloween sale time, with classic effects like smoke machines and low-fog machines helping you to create the perfect spooky atmosphere for your parties and Halloween displays.

Perfect for any size of Halloween gathering from a small home party to a professional event, our Halloween deals offer significant savings on UV lighting, strobe light effects, multi-coloured disco light units and laser systems for creating an unforgettable party experience.

Smoke Machines for Halloween

Our large selection of smoke machines and atmospheric effects are hugely popular at this time of year, with our Halloween discounts helping make them even better value. Smoke machines come in various power outputs to suit the size of your gathering, with variants such as our ice foggers and low-fog machines using built-in ice compartments to cool the smoke being produced, helping you create that ground-hugging smoke effect that's perfect for an eerie graveyard look.

We have a large choice of smoke and fog fluids available in our Halloween sale to keep your event looking misty all night long.

These smoke fluids are non-toxic water-based solutions that create a dense fog effect while leaving behind no sticky residue or staining on surfaces, and we have a range of flavoured scents which can be added into the fluid for a bit of extra fun.

Lights for Halloween

Our Halloween sale brings you the classic Ultraviolet UV lights with their purple hue for making costumes and objects glow in a dark room for a simple yet highly effective result, and our range of party disco lighting includes patterned output laser lights and cluster style Jellyball units, which both look amazing in a smoky room with their multi-colour light beams and built-in sound activation for plug-and-play operation. 

Halloween Decorations

Traditionally the toys of DJs and live performers only, Halloween is a fantastic opportunity for everyone to own and enjoy fog machines and party lighting, both for home gatherings or organised events. The difference in atmosphere that comes with the addition of smoke effects and disco lighting to any party is huge, especially at Halloween when coupled with fancy dress costumes.

For Halloween gatherings and home decoration we have some fantastic products that will get you the look you want without breaking the bank. With standard smoke machines under £40 and our unique BeamZ smoke machines with built-in LED effects under £70. 

With fantastic low-cost lighting effects such as dual colour disco lasers under £30 and classic strobe lights for that lightning effect at under £20, there is plenty of choice in our Halloween sale to help you put a fun event together on any budget. 

ElectroMarkets Halloween discounts bring you incredible cost savings on a wide selection of our best atmospheric effects machines and disco lighting to ensure your Halloween party is a real graveyard smash!