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Systemline E50 Wall Mounted Bluetooth Amplifier

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  • The E50 can be built into the wall for no clutter
  • Touch-sensitive panel and contactless gesture control
  • Built-in Bluetooth audio receiver to wirelessly stream music from smartphones or tablets
  • Stereo sound stage to deliver audio to separate left and right installed ceiling speakers
  • Easily accessible jack socket on the front of the mounted panel
Product Description

An installed music system with touch and gesture control, the E50 has TV audio and auxiliary input to disperse audio around a room from one no-clutter, minimalistic wall panel. The E50 from Armour home is an exceptional wall-mounted Bluetooth amplifier that can allow wireless and wired connections for audio playback.

Its built-in Bluetooth receiver makes it able to wirelessly stream music and other audio entertainment from your smartphone or tablet. With a remote connection to the E50, you can access an unlimited amount of content to listen to in your home without having to keep your device wired up to the amp, where you can move around your home and do other tasks and chores.

Additionally, you can use the easily accessible jack socket on the front of the panel to connect up devices such as laptops, computers and MP3 players to play audio from websites (such as YouTube).

The E50 features touch-sensitive control and also contactless hand gesture operation. This is particularly useful in locations such as kitchens when you could be cooking and cleaning so gesturing to the amp has obvious practical benefits.

Partnered with a set of installed ceiling speakers, the E50 can create an immersive sound in a room with this Bluetooth stereo amplifier that can connect separate left and right speakers.

Installing the amp into your walls is easy and can be done from out of the box with the included mounting frame, back box and power supply that completes the package to ensure customer satisfaction.

Package Includes:

  • 1x E50 Touch Panel
  • 1x Mounting Frame
  • 1x Dry Lining Back Box
  • 1x Power Supply
  • 1x Power Extension Cable (5m)
  • 2x Speaker Cables (7m)

Key Points:

  • The E50 can be built directly into a wall or cabinet for no clutter around the house and a minimalistic look that blends into its surroundings
  • Wall-mounted Bluetooth amplifier with touch-sensitive panel and contactless gesture control with great practical benefits
  • Built-in Bluetooth audio receiver allows wireless streaming of any audio entertainment from any Bluetooth enabled device
  • Stereo amplifier that can deliver audio to separate left and right installed ceiling speakers for immersive sound
  • Direct line input with the easily accessible jack socket on the front of the panel, which can connect laptops or TVs for playing sound from different sources
  • Elegant design with a professional gloss black finish
  • Completed package so that a sound system can be set up instantly and wall installing can be done with ease
  • 2 year extended warranty
  • No clutter, the E50 is built into the wall or kitchen cabinet
  • Touch sensitive panel and contactless gesture control
  • Built in Bluetooth audio receiver which facilitates robust wireless music streaming from any suitably equipped smartphone, tablet or laptop
  • Superb sound quality with superior stereo sound stage delivered from separate left and right installed ceiling speakers
  • Direct line input: There is an easily accessible front panel mounted jack socket
  • TV sound connection
  • Elegant design with an attractive gloss black finish
  • Wipe clean, not a dust and grime collector
  • Bluetooth 2.1 with aptX transmission and secure pairing
  • Selectable device name to allow multiple units to be used in close proximity
  • Range - up to 10m
  • Aux input - 725mV normal gain or 250mV boost gain
  • Power output - 2 x 18W into 8 ohms @ 0.5% THD 1Khz
  • Frequency response - 20Hz - 20KHz +/1 1dB
  • Power supply - 110 - 240 VAC

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