Heavy Duty Stage

Our heavy duty stage equipment features high quality and robust decks, risers, stairs and rails that are great for portable modular use, and provide an optimal solution for live music venues, schools, dance studios and churches where a durable solution is required.

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All of our 1x1m decks are built with an aluminium frame that is strong and durable, yet lightweight, which makes for easy portability and storage. As well as aluminium frames is a weatherproof birch ply platform with a maximum load capacity of 750kg/m², and this makes each deck suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Included in our heavy-duty stage category are stage legs. These come in packs of 4 with different height options ranging from 40 to 180cm and are available in a round or square shape depending on your preference. They are available with either adjustable or fixed heights and also feature rubber feet that protect your floor surfaces from scratches and marks.

As well as decks and stage legs, our heavy-duty stage packages include modular and adjustable stairs and handrails. The handrails are great to install around the perimeter of the stage for safety purposes and also for a finished, professional look to the solution. They feature built-in foot clamps which makes for quick and easy installation with sturdy structural integrity.

Our durable stage stairs have anti-flex steel material and are available in modular sections or complete stair sets. The complete sets have adjustable heights from 40cm so they are easily adaptable to different stages when required. The separate modular sections are also height adjustable so you can set them to your desired height depending on the stage. Both of these styles have a hex-style anti-slip surface which makes them ideal for outdoor and indoor environments.