Small Band PA System - VX1000BT Column Array & PA Mixer Package


Small Band PA System - VX1000BT Column Array & PA Mixer Package

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  • Complete band PA system for small to medium-sized venues
  • Subwoofers and satellite speakers for well-rounded audio
  • 10 inputs for a whole band
  • EQ control on each channel
  • Built-in effects for vocals
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Product Description

This small band PA system includes the Vonyx VX1000BT sound system and the Studiomaster Club XS10 mixing desk as well as the cables to connect them together. Perfect for use in small to medium-sized venues, this compact PA system for band use includes everything you need for practice and live performances.

With two subwoofers and two satellite speakers, this system covers a wide range of frequencies, perfect for any genre of music. The subwoofers will reproduce the lower frequencies of a band, such as a bass guitar and low synths, while the satellite speakers reproduce the mid to higher frequencies from vocals, guitars and keys. The design of the satellite speakers offers wide and far sound dispersion which is sure to fill any venue with sound.

The included Club XS10 mixing desk has 10 inputs available, including 6 balanced XLR connections for vocal use. Particularly great for acapella and vocal-based performances, the mixer offers gain, compressor and panning on each microphone channel, making it highly customisable to fit the sound of your band.

Each channel also features EQ control so you can fine-tune the sound of any instrument. For example, if you have a bass guitar connected to the system then you won't need any high frequencies on that channel, so you can turn the bass up and the treble down. Similarly, instruments like acoustic guitars and strings won't need as much lower frequencies, so you can cut these out and boost the high frequencies so that every instrument connected works well together sonically.

You also have the option to use built-in effects with this PA system for band practice. This includes reverb, delay, chorus, flanger, phaser and echo. Each of these effects will add a unique sound to your voice or the instrument connected to the channel, giving you the option to adjust the sound to your preferences and genre.

Package Includes

  • 1x Vonyx VX1000BT Active Speaker Set
  • 1x Studiomaster Club XS10 Mixing Desk
  • 2x PD Connex 3m RCA to Female XLR Cables

Key Points

  • Complete band PA system, perfect for practice or live shows in small to medium-sized venues
  • Subwoofers and satellite speakers to cover a wide range of frequencies, providing precise and well-rounded audio
  • 10 input channels to connect a variety of instruments and microphones to the system
  • EQ control on each channel to customise the frequency response of any instrument or microphone
  • Built-in effects including reverb, delay, chorus, flanger, phaser and echo, ideal for vocal channels
  • 2-Year extended warranty
( Vonyx VX1000BT 2.2 Powered Speaker and Subwoofer Set
  • Complete 1000W Plug and Play speaker kit
  • 2 x 10" Subwoofer (active and passive)
  • 2 x Top witch each 2.5'' mid-driver and a 2.5'' tweeter
  • Supplied including NL2 speaker cables
  • Supplied including 2 x distance rod (130-160cm)
  • Supplied with wired microphone
  • Bluetooth receiver for audio streaming
  • USB port and SD/MMC for MP3 playback
  • Microphone input 6.3mm Jack
  • Stereo RCA and 6.3mm Jack line inputs
  • Independent subwoofer and master volume
  • Echo effect for microphone
Studiomaster Club XS10 10 Channel PA Mixing Desk
  • 8 and 10 input models
  • 3 Band EQ on all mic channels
  • High pass filters and adjustable compression on all mic channels
  • USB/SD card recording / playback
  • Bluetooth playback facility
  • High quality DSP effects
  • Mic channels feature adjustable compressor facility
PD Connex 2x XLR Female - 2x RCA Male 3M Cable
  • Brand: Power Dynamics
  • Colour: Black
  • High quality flexible cable
  • Lifetime Guarantee
( Vonyx VX1000BT 2.2 Powered Speaker and Subwoofer Set
  • Output power: 1000W (2 x 400W + 2 x 100W)
  • Frequency response: 40Hz - 20kHz
  • SPL max: 128dB
  • Speakers 2 x 2.5" mid + 2.5" high
  • Subwoofer 10"
  • Top hat: 35mm
  • Power supply: 230VAC / 50Hz
  • Dimensions: Subwoofer 390 x 370 x 405mm
  • Dimensions: Per speaker 125 x 140 x 390mm
  • Weight per set: 36kg
Studiomaster Club XS10 10 Channel PA Mixing Desk
  • Inputs: 10 - Mic x6, Stereo x2
  • Mic Gain -16dB - -60dB
  • Line Gain - +10dB - -34dB
  • Frequency response: 10Hz - 20kHz +1/-3dB
  • Signal to Noise Ratio: 80dB
  • DSP Effects: 16 presets with adjustable parameter
  • MP3/USB/SD Audio playback: 2 channel playback
  • USB/SD Audio recording: 2 channel recording from mix output
  • Bluetooth playback: 2 channel playback
  • Power requirements: 100-240V 50/60Hz
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 339x359x70mm
PD Connex 2x XLR Female - 2x RCA Male 3M Cable
  • Connector: 2 x XLR Female to 2 x RCA Male
  • Lead Length: 3M
  • Shielding: 32 x 0.12mm (spiral)
  • Conductor: 20 x 0.12
  • Outer Diameter: 2x5mm

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