8" Active HiFi Subwoofer - Fenton SHFS08B - 200W

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8" Active HiFi Subwoofer - Fenton SHFS08B - 200W
( BBA1686 )

( BBA1686 )

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Regular Price £145.00 Special test Price £130.00
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Key Features

  • 200W active subwoofer with a down-firing design
  • RCA line input to connect to external devices
  • Integrated bass reflex port for maximum bass output
  • Phase setting to work better with existing systems
  • Adjustable crossover frequency
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Product Description

The Fenton SHFS08B is an 8" active HiFi subwoofer with 200W power, offering deep and rich bass output. With a modern black finish, this active subwoofer for home use will fit perfectly into most homes without disturbing the general aesthetics of any given room.

This HiFi home subwoofer features an RCA line input located on the rear of the unit, and this connection allows you to connect the sub to an existing speaker system. For example, if you have an AV receiver or HiFi amplifier, you would connect from the line output into the line input on the subwoofer using the suitable cables. The SHFS08B has a built-in 200W amplifier so it doesn't need a separate amplifier to be powered.

With an integrated bass reflex port, this HiFi subwoofer offers an extremely defined bass response. The bass reflex port enhances the low frequencies that the subwoofer is reproducing by channelling sound from the inside of the subwoofer and expelling it out, resulting in an extremely rich bass response.

The SHFS08B home subwoofer also features a phase setting that allows you to fine-tune the output to work better with your existing sound system. It works by adding electrical delay to the audio signal being sent to the subwoofer so that the same sound is being reproduced at the same time as your full-range speakers. Although this is a very slight adjustment, the overall sound of your HiFi system can greatly improve by using the phase switch.

This HiFi subwoofer also features an adjustable crossover frequency so that you can choose the exact frequencies that the sub reproduces. This is particularly ideal if you are using the sub with existing speakers already capable of some decent low-end output, as you can turn the crossover down to ensure no frequencies are overlapping each other in the overall mix.

Key Points

  • 200W active subwoofer with a down-firing design, perfect to implement into an existing speaker system
  • RCA line input allowing the connection to an AV receiver, amplifier or active full-range speaker
  • Built-in bass reflex port for enhanced and defined bass response
  • Switchable phase setting, adding a signal delay so that the subwoofer is outputting at the same time as your full-range speakers
  • Adjustable crossover frequency to fine-tune the sound and frequency response of the subwoofer
  • 2-Year extended warranty
  • Active system with 20cm (8") subwoofer for 200W max. performance
  • down firing subwoofer in a heavy, low resonance chassis for clean bass
  • Phase control
  • Bass reflex design
  • Adjustable crossover frequency for optimal sound quality
  • System: Active subwoofer
  • Power max: 200W
  • Frequency response: 20Hz - 200Hz
  • Woofer: 8"
  • Input sensitivity: 87db +/-2dB
  • Cabinet volume: 0.048
  • Power supply: 230Vac/50Hz
  • Dimensions: 350 x 300 x 300mm
  • Weight per piece: 8kg
  • MPN: 100.305
Customer Reviews
Product Questions
Has this got auto standby?
Question by: Iolo Prince on 7 Mar 2019, 15:13
No it does not.
Answer by: Ben Williams on 7 Mar 2019, 15:15
Does this have a built in amp?
Question by: Dolcie Johnson on 7 Mar 2019, 15:13
Yes this is an active subwoofer so can connect directly into the mains.
Answer by: Ben Williams on 7 Mar 2019, 15:16
What cables does it come with?
Question by: Damien Britt Lamb on 7 Mar 2019, 15:14
This subwoofer will only include the power cable.
Answer by: Ben Williams on 7 Mar 2019, 15:16
If I connect into the subwoofers RCA inputs, can I then connect another speaker to the RCA outputs?
Question by: Muneeb Lamb on 7 Mar 2019, 15:14
Yes as long as it is another active speaker you are connecting.
Answer by: Ben Williams on 7 Mar 2019, 15:16
What is the lowest frequency the sub can go?
Question by: Abdallah Jibhabt on 7 Mar 2019, 15:15
This subwoofer is rated to go as low as 20Hz.
Answer by: Ben Williams on 7 Mar 2019, 15:16