Column Array System - Vonyx VX1050BT Active Speaker Kit - 1150W

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Column Array System - Vonyx VX1050BT Active Speaker Kit - 1150W
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Key Features

  • 1150W plug and play system (with two subwoofers, two top speakers)
  • Accessories included: speaker cables, mounting posts, wired microphone, speaker cover
  • Bluetooth connectivity for wireless streaming
  • MP3 player with USB and SD inputs
  • Stereo RCA line in and out and 6.5mm jack inputs
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Product Description

The Vonyx VX105BT active speaker kit makes for a well-rounded PA system that can ensure high calibre audio for any purpose. The entire kit can be adjusted from one place as the active subwoofer can control all the connected speakers in the set, splitting tones equally for the most clarity in its performance.

Integrated into the active speaker is an amplifier of a power outage of 1150W. The powered PA speaker will also power the other sub and the two top speakers, making the whole system ready for use instantly. Active speakers allow you to keep the size of your kit small and portable as you don't need to purchase an additional amplifier, which is perfect for small venues with little space.

Designed specifically towards portability, these column array speakers can be stored and used for any occasion. When they are being kept in storage, you can place them in one stack using the transport cart where the top speakers and mounting poles fit on the backs of the subs and the subs can stack on top of each other. Further protect the speakers when not in use by placing the cover over them, keeping dust off of the speakers.

Where they can be put on wheels, the active speaker kit is easily moved around so that they can be in the perfect position for optimum coverage of a venue. To further improve the effectiveness of the PA system, you can adjust the bass and treble levels to get the best results that suit the room's acoustics, and also get your preferred sound.

The fitted top hats on the subs allow the top speakers to be mounted above them with the mounting poles. Having these column array speakers raised will make sure they are heard across any location. The vertical arrangement also means less floor space is used, making performance space or commercial space not restricted.

Key Points:

  • Complete active speaker kit comprising of one active subwoofer, one passive subwoofer and two mountable top speakers
  • The built-in amplifier in the active sub with a power of 1150W and controls the tone and volume of the entire kit
  • Bluetooth connectivity allows for remote wireless streaming of your favourite tracks
  • MP3 player with built-in USB and SD card inputs to play through premade playlists for continuous playback
  • RCA inputs allowing connection of external audio sources such as amplifiers, mixers and CD players
  • Microphone input to connect the included wired microphone, allowing for karaoke uses
  • The microphone input has an echo effect for professional audio tone
  • 6.5mm Jack input to connect additional audio equipment
  • Multiple accessories included making this a fully portable PA system that works out of the box
  • Top hats on the top of both subwoofers allow mounting of the top speakers using the included mounting poles
  • Treble and bass level controls
  • Supplied NL2 speaker cables to connect the system altogether
  • Remote control included
  • Platform transport cart for easy moving of kit where it can be on wheels
  • Handles on speakers make it easily moveable
  • Speaker cover to keep it protected from rain and dust (whilst in storage)
  • 2 year extended warranty
  • Complete 1150W Plug and Play speaker kit
  • 2 x 12" Subwoofer (active and passive)
  • 2 x Top with each 2.5" mid-driver and a 2.5" tweeter
  • Supplied including NL2 speaker cables
  • Supplied including 2 x distance rod (130-160cm)
  • Supplied with wired microphone
  • Using Bluetooth wireless technology for audio streaming
  • USB port and SD/MMC for MP3 playback
  • Microphone input 6.3mm Jack
  • Stereo RCA and 6.3mm Jack line inputs
  • Independent subwoofer and master volume
  • Echo effect for microphone
  • Treble and bass control
  • Output Power: 1150W (2 x 460W + 2 x 115W)
  • Frequency response: 35Hz-20kHz
  • SPL max: 128dB
  • Dispersion: 120 x 45 Degrees
  • Speakers: 3 x 2.5" mid + 2.5" high)
  • Subwoofer: 12"
  • Top hat: 35mm
  • MPN: 170.105

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Customer Reviews
Product Questions
Am I able to plug my DJ mixer and laptop to play music through this system
Question by: Elliott Bramwell on 10 Nov 2019, 10:16
Yes, you can use the aux in connections to connect your DJ mixer into the active unit
Answer by: Russell Nie on 12 Nov 2019, 10:19
Can I connect my Beringer mixer to the system
Question by: Raymond Bateman on 8 Feb 2020, 08:50
Yes you would come from the master output on your mixer into one of the line inputs on the main subwoofer
Answer by: Josh Hebbard on 10 Feb 2020, 08:58
What is the rms output on these
Question by: Darren on 3 May 2020, 10:09
1x of the subwoofers and 1x of the tower speakers have an altogether RMS power of 575w
Answer by: Josh Hebbard on 6 May 2020, 09:27
Would it be possible to only run the amp side of the speakers? EG. Active Sub and one top?

Also what are the dimensions WHD when stacked?
Question by: Jordan on 14 Aug 2020, 01:07
Yes, all you would need to do is just not connect up the passive units. Each subwoofer measures 535mm in height so this would be just over 1070mm with the trolley/wheels included.
Answer by: Jamie Atkins on 14 Aug 2020, 09:04
Does this kit come with the wheeled trolley and cover as shown in photos? Description doesn't say anything about these.
Question by: Jack on 27 Sep 2019, 21:55
Yes, these are included with this system
Answer by: Russell Nie on 30 Sep 2019, 09:38