Vonyx SWP15 PRO 15" Active Subwoofer Pair


Vonyx SWP15 PRO 15" Active Subwoofer Pair
( SSB6375 )

( SSB6375 )

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Key Features

  • Built-In Active Low-Pass Filter
  • Deep Resonance-Free Bass
  • Phase Adjustable
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Product Description

A pair of SWP15 PRO from Vonyx; each is a powerful 15 inch active subwoofer with an adjustable low-pass filter between 40Hz and 250Hz and a phase switch to let the sub acoustically play along on phase with the main speakers, reproducing excellent deep bass. Featuring a built-in 800 watt amplifier and IN/THRU connection ports for line-signal-chaining (daisy chaining) to another subwoofer this strong build MDF subwoofer is perfect for mobile DJ's, fixed installations and more.

Main Features (Each)
Built-In Active Low-Pass Filter
Deep Resonance-Free Bass
Phase Adjustable
Daisy-Chain Line Signal Connection Ports
MDF Cabinet Build with Recessed Handles

Package Includes:
  • 2x Vonyx 170.823 15 Inch Active DJ Subwoofer 800W

BBA1587 - Vonyx Pro 15" Active Powered Subwoofer Bass Bin DJ Disco PA Sub Speaker 800W

The superb SWP15 PRO from Vonyx, a powerful 15 inch active subwoofer designed for mobile DJs and live musicians looking for some low bass reinforcement to compliment their main speakers. With 200W RMS / 400W Max from its built in amplifier, this fantastic powered sub will really enhance your sound, bringing some real impact to the latest dance music or the microphoned output of a drum kit and bass guitar of a live band.

With professional features such as phase control and an adjustable frequency cutoff its easy to integrate into any existing PA system, taking the strain of producing deep bass away from the standard PA speakers, allowing them to focus just on midrange and treble. The addition of an active subwoofer (or two active subwoofers !) and the difference it will make to your PA performance simply cannot be overstated. The dual channel XLR inputs and outputs allow you to easily feed your balanced mixer output straight into the sub then back out to your top speakers, filtering the low bass out of the signal at your chosen frequency level. Its as simple as that, yet will transform the sound of any active pa system or passive DJ speaker system.

Built tough for a life on the road, the SWP15 active sub is made from dense and resonance free MDF thats coated in an ultra durable resin finish to protect it from the knocks and bangs of mobile work. The cabinet has recessed carry handles and is surprisingly light for a large sub at 19.9kg making it easy to transport.

( Vonyx SWP15 PRO 15" Active Subwoofer
  • Large 15" Woofer
  • Built-in Active Low-Pass Filter
  • Built-in Amplifier
  • Deep Resonance-Free Bass
  • Phase Adjustable (0 - 180 Degrees)
  • XLR and RCA In/Output
  • Tophat in Top Panel
  • Extra Hard Coating
  • MDF Cabinet with Recessed Handles
( Vonyx SWP15 PRO 15" Active Subwoofer
  • Peak Power: 800W
  • Power Max: 400W
  • Frequency response: 40Hz - 250Hz
  • SPL@ 1W/1m: 116dB
  • Signal to Noise Ratio: Over 80 dB
  • Woofer: 15" (38cm)
  • Top Hat: Yes
  • Connector: XLR - RCA
  • Dimensions: 400 x 470 x 530mm
  • Weight: 19.9kg
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