Studio Recording Microphone Kit - Vonyx CMS400 with Stand & Pop Filter

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Studio Recording Microphone Kit - Vonyx CMS400 with Stand & Pop Filter
( SSC1770 )

( SSC1770 )

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Key Features

  • Pop filter, windshield and shock mount provide noise reduction
  • XLR male to female for connection to audio interfaces and preamps
  • Condenser microphone with high output
  • Useful for studio recording
  • Requires phantom power of 48V

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Product Description

Perfectly capable of being used for different media purposes, this recording microphone kit is exactly what any starting out producer or content creator needs. The CMS400 microphone from Vonyx is a completed kit with an assortment of necessary accessories.

This condenser studio recording microphone is for users who plan to launch radio talk shows, social media videos and even begin live streaming. In-studio recordings, condensers are preferred over dynamic mics as they are more receptive and focused on amplifying delicate sound. Results are optimised in sound isolated rooms where little background interference affects it. The diaphragm (the front plate of the mic that moves with sound pressure to create electrical output) picks up sound accurately and in detail.

Condenser mics require phantom power (usually around 48V) to achieve their high output. Their amplified results mean they need little gain from the preamp, which in turn means less background noise in your recordings and more isolation on your voice.

Added accessories make this studio microphone kit perfect for starter producers. The adjustable desktop arm can be pivoted towards and away from where you are sitting, and also lifted and lowered so that the front of the mic is facing you to only pick up your voice. 

To make your recordings more professional with less background noise and harsh sounds, use the windshield and pop filter. Both will eliminate the windiness of breathing into the mic, as well as any P's and S sounds in your words that then create hissing and popping. The addition of these will keep your recordings focused on your voice, with clean audio.

The shock mount absorbs knocks and bumps that affect the mic arm, which can be created from moving too harshly or tapping the arm or table it is on. Using all three of these accessories at a time will ensure your recordings are focused on your vocals and aren't drowned out by unwanted noise.


Key Points:


  • Studio recording microphone perfect for different forms of media
  • XLR male to female has superior noise reduction capabilities and can connect the mic to audio interfaces, mixers and preamps
  • Adjustable mic arm that can higher and lower and swing to suit your comfort and positioning
  • Pop filter and windshield limit the harshness of breathing into the mic and the hissing/popping sounds that come from P's and S, which can create peaks in recordings 
  • Shock mount helps absorb knocks, bumps and thuds that come from contact with the surface the arm is on or the arm itself, making for a pleasant listening experience
  • Increased dynamic range for full-sounding vocal recordings
  • XLR to 3.5mm jack cable supplied to connect a mic directly to laptop or PC
  • 2 year extended warranty
( Condenser Podcast Microphone Kit - Vonyx CMS400 with Stand & Pop Filter
  • Sensitive condenser microphone
  • Adjustable microphone studio stand
  • Included shock mount handheld microphone holder, pop filter and windscreen
  • Increased dynamic range
  • 18dB equivalent noise level
  • Cable with 3.5mm jack for direct connection to PC/laptop
( Condenser Podcast Microphone Kit - Vonyx CMS400 with Stand & Pop Filter
  • Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz
  • SPL max: 126dB
  • Sensitivity: -37dB (+/-2dB) / 1KhZ
  • Impedance: 200 Ohm
  • Battery: Phantom 12-48VDC
  • Weight: 1.5kg
  • Connection: XLR / 3.5mm jack
  • Dimensions: 590 x 250 x 95mm
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