HiFi Stereo Amplifier - Skytronic AV-360 - 80W

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HiFi Stereo Amplifier - Skytronic AV-360 - 80W
( DDA0222 )

( DDA0222 )

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Regular Price £44.99 Special test Price £33.00
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Key Features

  • 80W Compact HiFi amplifier
  • Integrated MP3 player with USB/SD connections
  • Built-in FM radio for background music
  • Treble and bass control to customise the sound to your liking
  • Included IR remote control for setting adjustments

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Product Description

The Skytronic AV-360 is a compact HiFi stereo amplifier with 80W power, perfect for use with home HiFi speakers or ceiling speakers. The compact size of the amp makes it ideal for placement in tight spaces like utility cupboards or in a cabinet. This stereo amplifier has many features that you can utilise to achieve high-quality audio at home.

This HiFi amp features an integrated MP3 player with USB and SD card connections. This feature is perfect for background music at home, as you can play any saved MP3 files you have stored on a USB stick or SD card. The files will play in the order they're saved in, which is great if you want to create a custom playlist to listen back to.

For casual background music purposes, you can use the built-in FM radio function. Extend the antennas on the back of the amplifier and tune into your favourite radio station, perfect when doing housework.

To customise the sound to fit your personal preferences, utilise the bass and treble dials. The bass dial will boost or cut out low frequencies while the treble dial does the same but for high frequencies. This is perfect if you want a bit more bass in a song, or similarly, if a song is too bassy and you want to reduce the low-end.

With an included IR remote control, you can adjust the settings of the amplifier without needing to get up from your listening position. With buttons such as standby, mode selection, mute, EQ, skip tracks, loop and volume, you have complete control over the sound in a highly compact manner.

Key Points

  • Compact amplifier with 80W power, great for HiFi speakers and installed speakers like in-ceiling and on-wall designs
  • Integrated MP3 media player with USB and SD connections to play saved files
  • Built-in FM radio to tune into your favourite radio stations for background music
  • Treble and bass control to fit the sound to your personal preferences
  • Included IR remote control to adjust various settings wirelessly at a distance from the amplifier
  • 2-Year extended warranty
  • 2 x 40W Amplifier
  • MP3 Player with USB Port/SD Slot
  • External Voltage Supply: 12Vdc / 5A
  • Overload Protection
  • Remote Control
  • With FM Radio (87.5 - 108.5 MHz)
  • Treble/Bass/Volume Control
  • Output Power: 2 x 40W
  • Impedance: 4~8 Ohms
  • Input Sensitivity: Line: 0~2V / 47k Ohm
  • Power supply: 220-240Vac/50Hz // 12Vc-5A
  • Dimensions: 145 x 160 x 55mm
  • Weight: 950gr
  • MPN: 103.142
Customer Reviews
Product Questions
I have a music system and have added some speakers in the garden. I want a good. Amur amp to play music on from this system to the speakers. They are passive speakers. Would this boost and power the speakers. Thank you.
Question by: Clive cumbers on 14 May 2023, 16:38
This amplifier provides 2x 40W at 4-8 ohms. It will power most passive speakers with a suitable impedance. If you are linking the amplifier to an existing audio system it must only be done using the RCA line input, from a suitable line output on the music system you already have, to ensure neither amplifier is damaged.
Answer by: Glenn Newton on 16 May 2023, 13:28