Skytec Speaker Crossover Filter 1000W

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Skytec Speaker Crossover Filter 1000W
( CCA0171 )

( CCA0171 )

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Regular Price £40.00 Special test Price £35.99
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Key Features

  • Skytec STP-1 Passive 2 Way Built In Crossover 1000W
  • Musical sound reproduction
  • Input power of 1000W

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Product Description

This Skytec crossover filter enables you to connect specific speakers to the sub/bass output and for the top/high mids. A fantastic device from Skytec allowing for different frequencies to be directed at the right type of speaker making it a much safer way to reduce the possibility of damage from putting too much sub/bass through a speaker that is not capable of handling it. Fine tune your sound and enhance your DJ set.

  • Musical sound reproduction
  • Input power of 1000W
  • X-over frequency 180Hz
  • NL- in/output connectors
  • Top- and Subwoofer outputs
  • Metal housing
  • Operating System: 2-Way CrossOver Built-in
  • Power Input: 1000W
  • Impedance: 8 Ohm
  • CrossOver frequency: 180Hz
  • Damping: 12dB/Oct
  • Dimensions: 159 x 89 x 59mm
  • Weight: 0.95Kg
  • MPN: 900.607
Customer Reviews
Product Questions
Hi it say here the impedance is 8 ohms but if I'm putting two 8 ohm speakers into this device then surely this would reduce the impedance to 4 ohms.
I'm thinking of buying 2 of these but I've got to get it right since I'll be putting a 8 ohm sub unit and an 8 ohm top into it.
Question by: Thomas on 18 Oct 2022, 20:23
A 2-way crossover circuitry loads the amplifier at its given rating (8 ohm in this case) the low and high outputs are branched filtered outputs with variable impedance depending on frequency. Using 2 speakers of 8 ohm into this unit, the amplifier will still be seeing an 8 ohm load.
Answer by: Glenn Newton on 19 Oct 2022, 10:11
Hi, can you confirm if the power handling is 1000w RMS? The term "input power" is a little vague. Thanks!
Question by: vince on 25 Feb 2023, 11:19
We can only supply the manufacturer's given information. From experience with Skytec equipment I would say that 1000W is the max rating, making the RMS approximately 500W.

If you are hooking up a high power passive system you ideally should be looking at some type of active crossover system which will provide you frequency cutoff adjustment.
Answer by: Glenn Newton on 27 Feb 2023, 09:28