PA System Package - Vonyx PSS302 10" Speakers, Mixer, Mics & Stands

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PA System Package - Vonyx PSS302 10" Speakers, Mixer, Mics & Stands
( BBA1557 )

( BBA1557 )

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Regular Price £399.00 Special test Price £359.00
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Key Features

  • Complete 300W PA system for band use
  • Powered mixer with microphone and line inputs
  • Bluetooth connectivity for wireless streaming
  • USB and SD MP3 player
  • 5-band graphic equaliser for sound customisation
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Product Description

This 300W PA system package provides high-quality sound and volume levels suitable for small events and rehearsals. Including two full-range speakers, speaker stands with a carry bag, a mixing desk, a microphone and the cables necessary to connect it all together, this band PA system package is compact in size and perfect for your performing needs.

Included in this PA system for bands is a compact mixer with powered outputs that power the included passive speakers. This mixing desk has multiple microphone and line inputs, allowing the connection of several devices and instruments at a time with separate volume and effects control. The powered design of the mixer means that only one mains socket is needed to power the whole system, perfect for performances in smaller venues with limited power sockets available.

The included mixer also features Bluetooth connectivity which allows you to pair a smart device for wireless audio streaming. This feature is perfect for rehearsals as it gives you the ability to play along to backing tracks that you have stored on your device. It is also ideal for live performances if you have audio files such as song intros that you need to play before or during your performance.

With an integrated USB/SD MP3 player, you can also connect a USB stick or SD card to this PA system package to play saved MP3 files, ideal in rehearsal spaces. The MP3 player also features a built-in 5-band graphic equaliser, allowing you to cut out or boost any of the low, mid and high frequencies in the mix.

Including height-adjustable stands and a carry bag, this package is highly portable with a compact size. By mounting the speakers onto stands, the sound quality improves due to reduced natural sound reflections. The sound that the speakers are outputting will also be able to cover a further distance in a room as the speakers will be elevated above the audience.

Key Points

  • Complete 300W PA system forband use including speakers, a mixer, speaker stands with a carry bag, a microphone and the cables to connect it all together
  • Mixing desk with powered outputs to power the speakers, removing the need for an external amplifier
  • Built-in Bluetooth receiver to stream audio wirelessly from a Bluetooth integrated smart device
  • USB/SD MP3 player to play saved MP3 files from a USB stick or SD card, great for backing tracks
  • 5-band graphic equaliser to customise the frequency output of the digital music
  • 2-Year extended warranty
  • 10 Inch Woofers and 1 Inch Titanium Drivers
  • 300W (2 x 150) Power Amplifier and Integrated Mixer
  • USB Port and SD Slot
  • MP3 Player with Large LCD Display
  • High Quality Wired Microphone and Stands Included
  • Integrated Bluetooth
  • Power Max: 2 x 150W
  • Frequency response: 20Hz - 18kHz
  • SPL Max: 124dB
  • Woofer: 10"
  • Tweeter: 1"
  • Top Hat: Yes
  • Power supply: 230Vac - 50Hz
  • Dimensions: 315 x 315 x 495mm
  • Weight: 22.2kg
  • MPN: 170.118
Customer Reviews
Product Questions
Can you plug a guitar into this as well as microphone
Question by: Elizabeth on 20 Jun 2019, 12:08
You would require a DI box to get the correct impedance matching to be able to use a guitar on the line in sockets on this mixer, as they are not rated for direct instrument input
Answer by: Russell Nie on 21 Jun 2019, 10:55
How do i pair it with my phone. It says bt disconnected
Question by: Vincent Oliver on 7 Sep 2021, 20:53
under the media player should be the input button - this will allow the unit to be found on smart devices
Answer by: Ryan Greaves on 10 Sep 2021, 11:58
If I wished to add a sub bass at a later date is there a suitable output for this ?
Question by: Chris Dolman on 30 Aug 2022, 19:28
You can do, using the RCA line output on the mixer, which would go to the line input of an active subwoofer. The Sub will then filter the full range signal through its crossover and give you just the bass.
Answer by: Glenn Newton on 1 Sep 2022, 14:32
Can you please tell me whether there’s an output for a monitor?
Question by: Jim Coltman on 19 Apr 2023, 21:51
It does not have a powered monitor output no, only a line output. As you previously asked the same of a different unit perhaps consider calling the team for some advice on 0203 326 0900.

Mixer amplifiers with a monitor or booth output available will have it clearly visible in the products images, and it will be listed in the product description and features
Answer by: Glenn Newton on 20 Apr 2023, 15:33