Max Dual 8" Passive DJ Speaker Pair, Mixer & SPL700 Amplifier

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Max Dual 8" Passive DJ Speaker Pair, Mixer & SPL700 Amplifier
( SSB7116 )

( SSB7116 )

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Key Features

  • Woofer Size (Inch): 2 x 8
  • Carpet Covered Cabinet
  • Front Grilles

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Product Description
Package Includes:
  • 2x Max 170.667 Dual 8 Inch Passive Party Speaker 800W
  • 1x Skytec 178.794 DJ Power Amplifier 700W
  • 2x Skytronic 104.973 Speakercable 6.3m-open end 6.0m
  • 1x Skytronic Twin RCA Phono to RCA Phono Signal Cable 2.5m HiFi Stereo Link Lead
  • 1x Skytronic 3.5mm Stereo Jack to Twin RCA Phono Cable 1.5m Laptop Phone MP3 CD TV
  • 1x Vonyx STM-2211 4 Channel DJ Mixer with Crossfader

BBA1641 - Max 2 x 8" Inch Passive Speaker Bedroom DJ Home Audio Hi-fi Disco Party 800W

This 2-way bass reflex 2x 8" speakerbox features a driver suitable for bass rumbling frequencies and provide pure power. It offers superb clarity for most music types. With an SPL of greater than 95dB the 800W box is suitable for almost all good amplifiers. Due to the road ready cabinet finished with carpet the passive speakerbox is suitable for mobile DJs, parties, PA, Karaoke and in discos.

DDA0198 - SPL 700W Power Amplifier EQ Aux - Home Audio Hi-Fi Stereo DJ Disco Party PA Amp

A fantastic amplifier from Skytec, the SPL700 has 2 channels boasting 350 watts each and built-in 3-Band equalizer for frequency tweaking, which should not be missing in any home audio installation, small parties and PA set-ups. The amplifier is easily rack mounted and has multiple stereo RCA input connections for Televisions, Computers, Game Consoles, CD- & DVD players, Tuners and more. There is a front 3.5mm mini-jack for the connection of MP3 players or similar. With a blue LED illuminated modern front panel, this amplifier is a must for the home audio enthusiast and other small applications. Not only will this amp do the job, it will do it with ease and look great at the same time!

JJA1179 - Speaker Cable 6.35 1/4 Mono Jack to Bare Wire Cable 6.0m DJ Disco Karaoke PA

A 6 meter 6.3mm Jack to bare wire speaker cablefor easy connection to screw terminals.

This flexible speaker cable is fitted with one metal Jack connector and guarantees a trouble-free and reliable signal transmission.

JJA1620 - Twin RCA Phono to RCA Phono Signal Cable 2.5m HiFi Stereo Patch Link Lead

Twin RCA phono plugs to twin RCA phono plugs with screened twin audio cable, colour coded for stereo connection (Black / Red). Ideal for connecting to pieces of equipment together, such as a TV box to an amplifier, hifi separates, DJ Equipment, etc.

JJA1635 - 3.5mm Stereo Jack to Twin RCA Phono Signal Cable 1.5m Laptop Phone MP3 CD TV

A high quality signal cable with 3.5mm stereo mini jack plug to 2x RCA phono plug connectors. Ideal for connecting phones, laptops, mp3 players, CD players and other audio devices.

MMA0114 - Vonyx STM-2211 4 Channel DJ PA Mixer with Crossfader and Talk Over Functions

The Vonyx STM-2211 is a compact four channel mixer that is rack mountable or for desk placement. Four channels, switchable at anytime, with level faders at the fingertips.

Two microphone jacks have been incorporated with a dedicated left to right channel pan-pot and quick push-ON/OFF release button for a no fuss talkover - great for DJs with track info or announcements in general.

Ease in between tracks with the smooth slide-fader for seamless track mixing sets. The headphone jack is of good use for this type of application.

Four audio sources available at anytime with button switch between each, master volume control with visual LED clip display for keeping the sound from distorting.

The STM-2211 from Vonyx is an essential piece of equipment for all mixing applications.

( Max Dual 8" Passive DJ Speaker
  • Full range 8" Dual woofers and tweeter horn
  • Large woofer magnets
  • 2 x Jack and 1x Clip terminal
  • Hollow handles, side embedded
  • Acoustic carpet covering
  • Supplied per piece
Skytec SPL-700 2 Channel Power Amplifier
  • 2 x 350W Output Power
  • 3-band EQ
  • Blue LED front illumination
  • Input selector switch
  • Peak and clip indicator LED
  • Large frequency response
  • Rack Mountable (19 Inch)
  • 700 Watts Total Max Power Output
  • Inputs: 3.5mm Mini Jack (front) 3 x Stereo RCA/Phono (rear)
  • Outputs: 2 x Screw Terminal Speaker Cable Outputs
  • Front Panel Moulded Handles
Skytronic Speaker Cable 6.3m - Bare Wire 6.0m
  • Flexible speaker cable
  • Black colour
  • 1x Metal 6.3mm Mono Jack plug
  • Ideal for DJ, Disco, PA and Karaoke Equipment
Skytronic Twin RCA- Twin RCA Signal Cable 2.5m
  • Colour: Black and Red
  • Connectors: 2 x Phono plugs / 2 x Phono plugs
  • Length: 2.5m
  • Type: Standard
  • Cable Required: Fig 8 screened
Skytronic 3.5 Stereo - Twin RCA Signal Cable 1.5m
  • Audio Lead: 3.5mm Stereo Jack to 2 x RCA phono plugs
Vonyx STM-2211 4 Channel DJ Mixer with Crossfader
  • Crossfader
  • Talkover
  • Mic channel for 2 microphones
  • 2 switchable phono/line channels
  • 3 switchable mono/stereo channels
( Max Dual 8" Passive DJ Speaker
  • Model: 2-way Full range Bass reflex
  • Power max: 800W
  • Impedance: 8 Ohm
  • Frequency response: 55Hz - 18kHz
  • SPL @ 1W/1m: 95
  • Woofer: 2 x 8"
  • Tweeter: Horn
  • Connector: 2 x Jack / Clip terminal
  • Dimensions: 210 x 265 x 620mm
  • Weight: 6.35kg
Skytec SPL-700 2 Channel Power Amplifier
  • Output Power: 8 Ohms: 2 x 250W
  • Output Power: 4 Ohms: 2 x 350W
  • Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz
  • THD: Under 0.5%
  • Distortion: Over 98dB
  • Crosstalk: Over 82dB
  • Impedance: 4-8 Ohm
  • Input sensitivity: 0dB
  • Input impedance: Over 10k Ohm
  • Power supply: 230Vac, 50Hz
  • Dimensions: 482 x 270 x 88mm (2U)
  • Weight: 3.65 kg
Skytronic Speaker Cable 6.3m - Bare Wire 6.0m
  • Plug A: 6.3 mm jack (mono) (M)
  • Lead length: 6m
  • Weight (kg): 1
Skytronic Twin RCA - Twin RCA Signal Cable 2.5m
  • Lead length: 2.5m
  • Weight (kg): 1
Skytronic 3.5 Stereo - Twin RCA Signal Cable 1.5m
  • Plug A: 3.5 mm jack (stereo) (M), RCA (M)
  • Lead length: 1.5m
  • Weight (kg): 1
Vonyx STM-2211 4 Channel DJ Mixer with Crossfader
  • Frequency response: 20Hz - 20kHz @ plus/minus 0.5dB
  • THD: 0.02%
  • Input: Line: 150mV, 100k Ohm
  • Input: Phono: 3mV, 50k Ohm
  • Input: Mic: 1mV, 1kOhm
  • Output: Master: 1.5V, 600 Ohm
  • Headphone output: 200mW Maximum 8 Ohm
  • Signal to noise ratio: Line: 80dB
  • Signal to noise ratio: Phono: 70dB
  • Signal to noise ratio: Mic: 70dB
  • Power supply: 12Vac, 300mA
  • Dimensions: 55 x 230 x 131mm
  • Weight: 1kg
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Product Questions
What is like for club disco
Question by: Mark langford on 7 Jun 2022, 21:49
Assuming you mean for playing club music, the system will be fine doing so, though be aware that 8" speakers are not capable of producing really low bass if that's what you are looking for. You can easily add a matching MAX subwoofer for that extra kick -
Answer by: Glenn Newton on 8 Jun 2022, 16:02