The Mackie brand was established in 1988 by Greg Mackie, a former Airline employee from Seattle that began using his expertise to build professional line mixers and guitar amplifiers as a hobby in his spare time. Long story short, this was the foundation of Loud Technologies and the beginning of Mackie brand’s entry into the speaker market. Greg Mackie’s original designs are still present in the Mackie formula today and 22 years of sonic refinement has led to the high clarity THUMP range of Active PA systems.

While Mackie THUMPs are a touch pricier than some other speakers we supply, the difference in sound fidelity is night and day. This system separates your standard PA system typically used at a karaoke party for a bit of fun from a setup that has sublime high-end clarity and the bass response to back it all up.

A pair of Mackie THUMPs will wow music lovers who know what quality sound really means at any volume. Venues all up and down the country now use these speakers for all manner of events from live shows to weddings.

Hear the THUMP PA system technology for yourself and upgrade your performances and events with a brand you can trust to do the job right.

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