LED Light Bar - BeamZ LCB-252 1m Wash Light


LED Light Bar - BeamZ LCB-252 1m Wash Light
( FFA1335 )

( FFA1335 )

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Key Features

  • 1m LED bar producing a wash effect
  • 252x 10mm RGB LEDs for multiple colours to be achieved
  • DMX compatible for use in large lighting setups
  • Auto-shows for plug-and-play operation
  • Sound-to-light reactive for synchronised light shows
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Product Description

The LCB-252 LED light bar from BeamZ offers a wash effect on wall and floor surfaces. Perfect for house parties, stage shows and weddings, the 1m design of this LED bar light means that the unit covers a large surface with static light which is sure to impress your audiences.

Within the housing of this LED stage light bar are 252x 10mm RGB LEDs, producing a bright effect with multiple colours being achievable. The RGB LEDs are capable of producing multiple colours using RGB colour mixing, making this DJ LED light bar easily adaptable to any event and requirement.

For larger lighting applications light stage shows or DJ sets in large halls, this LED bar light can be operated with a DMX system. By using DMX, you have full control over the light and the effects and colours it produces, making it great to implement into a pre-existing lighting setup to work with external lighting fixtures. There are DMX in and out connections on the LCB-252 which also allows you to use it inmaster/slave mode.

This LED light bar is also great for small applications without a DMX setup thanks to the built-in auto shows. Simply connect the light bar to mains power and it will produce light from preset light shows for an easy plug-and-play setup. With multiple auto-shows available with different fade speeds and colours, this LED stage light bar is an ideal solution to cover a wall or floor surface with light.

For DJ use, the built-in sound-to-light function is an ideal feature. There is an integrated microphone on the cabinet that picks up any sounds in the room. The light will then pulse or change colour in time with any sound it picks up, creating a synchronised light effect with your music.

Key Points

  • 1m LED light bar producing a wide wash of light, perfect for weddings and stage events
  • 252x 10mm RGB LEDs producing a bright effect with multiple colour options available
  • DMX compatibility for use in a large lighting setup and to be run in master/slave operation
  • Built-in auto shows for plug-and-play operation
  • Sound-to-light reactive for a synchronised light show with music
  • 2-Year extended warranty
  • 1m LED bar/strip light
  • Colour washer, uplighter and wall washer
  • Strobe and dimmer function
  • Vibrant colour lighting for DJs, discos and parties
  • DMX control for daisy chaining
  • 252 x 10mm LEDs
  • RGB colours
  • Auto, sound or master/slave mode
  • Speed and sensitivity adjustments
  • Low power consumption
  • Nightclub effect light
  • Number of LEDs: 252 x 10mm RGB
  • DMX channels: 3, 6, 12, 24 or 48
  • DMX connection: 3-pin XLR
  • Power supply: 220-240Vac / 50Hz
  • Dimensions: H 1080mm x W 130mm x D 125mm
  • Weight: 1.15kg
  • MPN: 150.558
Customer Reviews
Product Questions
Can this light be controlled by DMX?
Question by: Shaun Metres on 6 Mar 2019, 17:24
Yes this light can be controlled via DMX on either 3/6/12/24/48 channels.
Answer by: Ben Williams on 6 Mar 2019, 17:27
Will this light produce white?
Question by: Glenn Newman on 6 Mar 2019, 17:24
As the LED bar only has red, green & blue LED's, it CAN produce an off white colour by mixing all 3 colours but it will not be a pure white.
Answer by: Ben Williams on 6 Mar 2019, 17:27
What length is the power cable?
Question by: Bryan Williams on 6 Mar 2019, 17:25
The power cable supplied with the light is 1m in length.
Answer by: Ben Williams on 6 Mar 2019, 17:27
Can you use this light as an uplighter?
Question by: Kassie Sandret on 6 Mar 2019, 17:25
Yes this led bar works very well as an uplighter giving a a much wider spread of light than a normal parcan shaped light.
Answer by: Ben Williams on 6 Mar 2019, 17:27
Does this light come with a remote control?
Question by: Manuel Foppia-Burgo on 6 Mar 2019, 17:26
Yes the light includes a handheld infrared remote control that allows you to change the colour of the light as well as selecting one of the auto shows built in.
Answer by: Ben Williams on 6 Mar 2019, 17:27