HiFi Power Amplifier - Skytronic - 400W

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HiFi Power Amplifier - Skytronic - 400W
( DDA0528 )

( DDA0528 )

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2 Year Warranty & 60 Days ReturnsIncluded

Key Features

  • Compact stereo amplifier
  • 400W output, great for HiFi systems
  • Bass, mid and treble EQ control
  • 4 stereo RCA line inputs to connect multiple devices
  • Adjustable balance/panning effect

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Product Description

This Skytronic HiFi power amplifier is a compact, sleek unit with a stereo output perfect for home HiFi use. The compact design means that it can be located in the tightest positions in your home for a discreet and unobtrusive finish.

With a 400W output, this stereo HiFi amplifier provides a strong connection to a pair of passive speakers for high-fidelity stereo audio, perfect for home entertainment and music systems.

To adjust the sound to fit your preferences, you can use the bass, mid and treble EQ dials on the front of the amplifier. This allows you to perfectly adjust the frequency range of any audio being played through the amplifier to allow you to hear it exactly how you want.

On the rear of this HiFi power amplifier from Skytronic are 4 stereo RCA line inputs that allow you to connect multiple devices such as a CD player, TV, mixer or PC. There is an input switch on the front of the amplifier that gives you an easy way to switch between each of these inpu

ts to hear the audio from whichever one you want at any time.


This Skytronic HiFi power amplifier has a balance dial so you can isolate the left or right audio being played. Also known as panning, this gives you a great way to hear certain aspects of any audio at a time and allows you to isolate the left and right signals that give a sense of width and space in the mix.

Key Features

  • Compact stereo amplifier for a discreet finish and a sense of dimension to the music
  • 400W output perfect for use with passive HiFi speakers at home
  • Bass, mid and treble EQ control to adjust the sound to fit your preferences
  • 4 stereo RCA line inputs with an adjustable input switch to connect multiple devices and change between them seamlessly
  • Adjustable panning/balance control to isolate the left or right speaker
  • 2-Year extended warranty
  • Compact design with aluminium front
  • Input selector switch
  • Controls for balance, bass, mid and treble
  • 4 stereo RCA inputs
  • Screw terminals for speakers
  • Brand: Skytronic
  • Input Connections: RCA
  • Speaker connections: Speaker screw terminal
  • Output power: 400W
  • Impedance: 4 Ohm, 8 Ohm
  • Power supply: 220-240VAC 50Hz
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 285 x 270 x 98mm
  • Weight: 3.55
Customer Reviews
Product Questions
does it have an input for plugging in a turntable with a standard magnetic cartridge without having to use a pre amp ?
Question by: edward lovell on 5 Feb 2021, 20:29
A preamp would be required if your turntable does not have this built in
Answer by: Kris Wold on 8 Feb 2021, 09:00
could you tell me what amplifier i need for a Sony cd recorder as my speakers are very low sound which i have plugged into it.
Question by: Denise Rawlins on 5 May 2023, 13:39
Hi Denise. It will be far better for you to give the sales guys here a quick call so they can get more details about the equipment you have already before advising you on what to buy

Give them a call on 0203 326 0900 they are happy to help
Answer by: Glenn Newton on 9 May 2023, 15:29