Halloween Party Package with S700 Smoke Machine & Halloween Decorations


Halloween Party Package with S700 Smoke Machine & Halloween Decorations
( TTB2505 )

( TTB2505 )

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Key Features

  • Use at halloween and christmas parties
  • Amazing flame effect
  • Two in one machine
  • BeamZ
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Product Description
Package Includes:
  • 1x Beamz 160.426 S700LED Smoke Machine with LED Light 700W
  • 1x AMSCAN 240084 Halloween Stretchy Spider Web
  • 1x Halloween Ballon

FFA1122 - Smoke Machine Fog Mist Effect Christmas DJ Party Disco Coloured LED Flame 700W

Coloured fog is a practical possibility using this spectacular 700W machine from Beamz, which has amber LED lights surrounding the nozzle of the unit where the smoke stems from. Throw flame over the dance floor with no heat! This machine operates exactly the same as other fog machines, but it illuminates the smoke as it billows out from the nozzle in an orange-red blast. Truly an intricate and unique piece of equipment; there is nothing quite like this out in the market, and we are bringing this fantastic device exclusively to reconstruct your ordinary atmospheric effects. Ideal for use indoors for themed parties, celebrations, house parties, weddings and small stage performances. With a multitude of uses and guaranteed wow factor every time: just switch the button on the wired remote to call the dragon. Carry this machine throughout the year and why not bring out at Christmas for a toasty fire effect?

Bring variation to halloween parties with a dragon spitting fire: stray away from those mundane themes and diversify the atmosphere using this machine. Transform venues and rooms of houses into castle chambers, place on floors or underneath props in concealed areas to surprise passers by with a sudden blast of fiery-looking smoke. Use in optimal pitch black conditions to really bring out this blasting flame effect: making makebelieve spring to life on the spookiest day of the year. No harm, no danger and no harshness. Comes with the tank filled (500ml) with fluid to get you started!

RRA0192 - White Stretchy Spooky Spider Web Decoration Scary Halloween Party Haunted House

If you're in need of spooky decorations for an upcoming house party, stocking up for this years Halloween or taking part in decorating a haunted house, then get your hands on this fantastic white stretchy cobweb decoration. Stretch the imitation cobweb across all areas of your household and shroud every day objects in the spooky decoration to entertain your guests.

RRA0831 - Halloween Ballon

A fantastic balloon with a ghoulish halloween design. Great addition to you halloween decorations.

( BeamZ S700 Smoke Machine with LED Flame Effect
  • Projects an amazing flame effect while emitting fog
  • 3 x 1W Amber LEDs
  • Comes with tank filled (500ml fluid)
  • Colour can be turned off
  • Thermostatically controlled heater
  • Remote control with 5m cable
  • Ideal for seasonal parties
  • Unique effect
  • Compact two-in-one machine
White Stretchy Spiders Cob Web
  • Stretchy white cobweb decoration
  • Perfect for haunted houses, themed house parties and Halloween events
  • Decorate your household and a number of objects
Halloween Balloon
  • Standard Balloon
( BeamZ S700 Smoke Machine with LED Flame Effect
  • Heating element: 700W
  • Smoke volume per minute: 75 m3
  • Heat up time: 3 minutes
  • Tank capacity: 250ml
  • Number of LEDs: 3 x 1W amber
  • Power supply: 230Vac 50Hz
  • Height: 190mm
  • Width: 270mm
  • Depth: 160mm
  • Weight: 2.65kg
White Stretchy Spiders Cob Web
  • Colour: White
  • Weight: 20g
Halloween Balloon
  • None
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