Active Party Speakers Pair - Fenton SPA1200, Mics, Smoke Machine & Laser


Active Party Speakers Pair - Fenton SPA1200, Mics, Smoke Machine & Laser
( SSB5961 )

( SSB5961 )

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Key Features

  • Complete party bundle that can provide fun features and effects for house parties
  • Laser beam effect that can only be made using smoke and lasers together
  • 1200W active speaker pair with Bluetooth connection available
  • 5-band equalizer for left and right speaker individually
  • Built in MP3 module to connect USB stick and SD card
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Product Description

Make your next home-thrown party have the best atmosphere with this party speaker bundle that includes a laser, smoke machine and microphones. Complete with a multitude of features, you can ensure to impress your guests with this professional setup.

Create a unique light show and amp up the energy of your gathering by using the Bluetooth speaker with disco lights. The SPA1200 active speaker pair are Bluetooth enabled which will allow you to wirelessly stream all your favourite songs from your smartphone or tablet, offering no limits in terms of what you can play. Pair this with the compact Apollo disco laser to fill your home with a bright twister of red and green.

This light can be used by anyone, even if they have no knowledge of lasers. It can be set up to run on pre-programmed light shows for continuous playing and with an adjustable speed of the motors. The other stand-alone mode available is sound activation, where lights will move, change and pulse in time with sound picked up by the built-in microphone. Make the impact of this affordable, compact laser even better by pairing it with the smoke machine.

Flood your home with smoke from the S500 to make light beams visible, an expert looking effect that is only attainable with the partnering of mist and laser. Use this machine straight out of the box with its full tank of liquid that will provide a large emission of fog and make your home feel like a disco and improve the atmosphere.

Enhance the coverage of music by using the five-band equalizer that affects each home party speaker individually. Adjusting the bass, treble and midrange frequencies will let you craft your preferred tone for music and vocals (when using microphones with the pair) and even make your speakers carry audio further by mixing the frequencies to suit your home's acoustics.

Package Includes:

  • 1x Fenton SPA1200 Bluetooth Active Party Speaker Pair
  • 1x BeamZ Apollo Disco LaserLight
  • 1x BeamZ S500 Smoke Machine with 250ml Fluid
  • 2x Pulse Dynamic Wired Handheld Microphones

Key Points:

  • Party speakers that have 1200W of power over the pair, and can be used for singing along to music
  • Bluetooth connectivity available to allow wireless streaming of your favourite music
  • Small disco laser can provide a large light show in your home
  • Create a professional light beam and laser effect by flooding the room with smoke, this effect can only be achieved when they are used together
  • The smoke machine has a 3-metre long cable to control the output of smoke from a distance
  • The speed of the Apollo laser is adjustable and can respond in time with audio picked up through the built-in mic
  • The laser comes with pre-programmed shows
  • 500W smoke machine comes with a full 400ml tank of fluid for instant use
  • S500 smoke machine can be placed on the floor or hung from the ceiling with the supplied mounting bracket
  • Integrated MP3 module in the speaker pair to connect USB sticks and SD cards giving you the option to continuously play preloaded setlists and playlists
  • Dual microphone inputs with adjustable mic volume, echo and delay effect
  • Two microphones included creating a full party bundle
  • The active speaker can power the slave (passive) speaker by connecting them together using the clamp connection terminal
  • RCA line input allows external devices to be paired, such as mixers or CD players
  • 12" woofers, piezo horns offer a full range system, with a 5-band equalizer for each speaker to enhance audio tonality
  • 2 year extended warranty
( Bluetooth Active Party Speaker System - Fenton SPA1200 - 1200W
  • Bluetooth Built In
  • inbuilt digital power amplifier
  • Mp3 player with USB port and SD slot
  • 12" Woofer with red cone, piezo horn for mid/high range
  • 2 microphone inputs and selectable line inputs
  • Adjustable microphone delay and delay effects
  • 5-band equalizer L/R
  • Volume LED display
  • Supplied per pair
BeamZ S500 Smoke Machine with 250ml Fluid
  • Complete set ready for use
  • Plastic Housing
  • 250ml Smoke Fluid Included
  • Remote Control Supplied
BeamZ Apollo Disco Laser Light
  • Ideal for mobile DJs
  • Green and red colour
  • Mini compact chassis
  • Very lightweight and portable
  • Adjustable motor speed
  • Automatic or sound-activated mode
  • Integrated fan cooler
  • Mains adaptor included
  • Very bright red and green class 3B laser
  • Ideal for karaoke, discos and house parties
  • Stunning firefly effect
  • Matrix dots pattern
  • Strong and durable chassis
  • Adjustable mounting bracket
  • Great when paired with smoke machines
Pulse Dynamic Wired Handheld Microphone
  • Suitable for karaoke
  • Ideal for home use, PA and parties
  • Dynamic microphone
  • Unidirectional
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Attached jack plug cable
  • Heavy duty plastic body
  • Protective mesh grille
  • Sliding on/off switch
( Bluetooth Active Party Speaker System - Fenton SPA1200 - 1200W
  • Model: Active
  • Power max: 2 x 600W
  • Impedance: 8 Ohms
  • Frequency response: 30Hz - 20kHz
  • SPL max: 128dB
  • Woofer: 12"
  • Horn: Piezo
  • Supplied: Per pair
  • Voltage: 220~240Vac/50Hz
  • Dimensions per speaker: 300 x 385 x 670mm
  • Weight per set: 22kg
BeamZ S500 Smoke Machine with 250ml Fluid
  • Complete Set: Yes
  • Remote Control: Yes, Hard Wired
  • Heating Element: 500W
  • Heat-Up Time: 5 Minutes
  • Mounting Bracket: Yes
  • Power supply: 230Vac 50HZ
  • Dimensions: 250x160x140mm (Approx)
  • Weight: 1.8Kg
BeamZ Apollo Disco Laser Light
  • Colour: Red 150mW and Green 50mW
  • Laser: 3B
  • Wavelength: (Red) 650nm / (Green) 532nm
  • Power supply: 100-240Vac, 50Hz
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 120mm x 140mm x 90mm
  • Weight: 0.5kg
Pulse Dynamic Wired Handheld Microphone
  • Colour: Black
  • Connector type: 6.35mm mono jack plug
  • Directivity: Dynamic / unidirectional
  • Frequency response max: 12kHz
  • Frequency response min: 80Hz
  • Lead length: 2.8m
  • Output impedance: 600 Ohm
  • Sensitivity: -53dB +/- 3dB
  • Dimensions: 180mm x 53mm
  • Weight: 0.13kg
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Do you do this on finance
Question by: Nathan Roper on 13 Sep 2019, 09:19
The only finance option we have on an order of this value is 'Pay Later in 30 Days', meaning that you can delay the payment by 30 days, but not spread the cost any further.
Answer by: Russell Nie on 13 Sep 2019, 15:36
Can you connect decks to the speakers?
Question by: Stuart Mcdade on 9 Aug 2021, 19:24
Yes, there is usually always some way to connect most items one way or another using the right leads
Answer by: Ryan Greaves on 10 Aug 2021, 09:05