HiFi Amplifier with Bluetooth Media Player - Fenton AV440 - 400W

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HiFi Amplifier with Bluetooth Media Player - Fenton AV440 - 400W
( SSE1206 )

( SSE1206 )

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Key Features

  • 400W stereo HiFi amplifier
  • Bluetooth connectivity to stream audio wirelessly
  • USB/SD MP3 media player
  • RCA AUX input to connect devices
  • Bass and treble control to change the sound

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Product Description

The Fenton AV440 HiFi amplifier with Bluetooth is a compact but powerful amplifier with 400W power. By connecting a suitable pair of HiFi speakers to the amplifier, you can achieve powerful stereo audio at home, perfect for music and entertainment purposes.

This stereo amp features Bluetooth connectivity which allows you to stream audio wirelessly from a smartphone, tablet or any other Bluetooth integrated smart device. Perfect for house parties and casual background music, simply set the amplifier to Bluetooth mode and you will find it ready to pair on your device.

The AV440 HiFi amp features an integrated MP3 media player with USB and SD inputs. Connect a USB stick or an SD card to the respective inputs, and any saved MP3 files will be played in the order they're saved. Great for background music while working or when having gatherings at home, this playback option is simple to use with minimal setup time.

For audio playback using cables, use the RCA line/AUX input located on the rear of the amplifier. This allows the connection of a device like a CD player, TV, mixing desk or laptop, for example, and is ideal for entertainment purposes. There are also two microphone inputs with adjustable echo control so you can sing along to any music being played through the amplifier.

This HiFi amplifier with Bluetooth features bass and treble controls to adjust the sound to fit your preferences. If you are listening to a song and you feel like it needs some more bass, you can easily achieve this by adjusting the bass dial so the sound fits your preferences.

Key Points

  • Powerful stereo HiFi amplifier with 400W power for music and entertainment purposes
  • Bluetooth connectivity for wireless audio streaming from a smartphone or tablet
  • MP3 media player with USB and SD inputs to play saved MP3 files
  • RCA AUX input to connect devices such as a TV or CD player for audio playback
  • Bass and treblecontrols to change the tone of the amplifier to fit your personal preferences
  • 2-Year extended warranty
( Karaoke Amplifier with Bluetooth Media Player - Fenton AV440 - 400W
  • 2x 200W Digital karaoke amplifier
  • MP3 player with USB and SD port
  • Bluetooth receiver for audio streaming
  • 2x Microphone input 6.3 mm Jack
  • EQ: Pop Rock Jazz Classic Cut and Normal
  • Stereo Line Input (RCA)
  • External DC12V input
  • Treble/Bass/Volume/Echo control
  • Including remote control
( Karaoke Amplifier with Bluetooth Media Player - Fenton AV440 - 400W
  • Playback Options: Bluetooth streaming, SD Card, USB
  • Output Connections: 6.3 mm jack RCA USB
  • Speaker Connections: Speaker screw terminal
  • Output power: 400W
  • Power Supply: 100-240VAC 50/60Hz (15V adapter)
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 220 x 260 x 95mm
  • Weight (kg): 1.6
Customer Reviews
Product Questions
Can I connect a tv to this amp and run 2x 6 ohm speakers. If so does it have a toshlink connection or something similar
Question by: Tony Fisher on 20 Nov 2022, 12:23
This is a low cost karaoke amplifier, it only has a single stereo RCA input for external devices. To connect a modern TV you would need a digital to analog converter such as this - https://electromarket.co.uk/fonestar-fo-37da-digital-analog-audio-converter-with-cable

It will be fine with 6 ohm speakers
Answer by: Glenn Newton on 21 Nov 2022, 10:20
Can I run a turntable with this amp.
Question by: shelley coffin on 20 May 2023, 20:20
This particular amp has a single aux/line input. This can be used for a turntable, but as its a line level input it will require the turntable to either be a modern type with built-in preamp, or for a DJ turntable or more traditional hifi record player you will need a phono preamp in-between to boost the signal.

Our lowest cost preamp unit is here - https://electromarket.co.uk/power-dynamics-pdx010-photo-preamplifier
Answer by: Glenn Newton on 22 May 2023, 17:36