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DJ Amplifier and Speaker Package - 700W

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  • Speakers with a power maximum of 1000W each (2000W as a pair) 
  • Amplifier maximum power of 700W
  • 3-band EQ on the amplifier to adjust Bass, Middle and Treble levels
  • Two-channel amp to control each speaker separately
  • Portable speaker kit with handles, corner protectors and top hats
Product Description

Both versatile and accessible, this DJ amplifier and speaker package makes gigging entirely user friendly with efficient speakers and a multi-purpose amplifier. Ensure that your performance can be heard from all points of a room by using these high powered DJ speakers and amp.

The Max SP15 speakers are passive and therefore require a connection to a power amplifier in order to work. As a complete DJ amp and speakers package, the SPL-700 can power each speaker by connecting them to a different channel on the amplifier using the included speaker cable. The amp is able to do 350W of power at maximum (700W over both channels), and the speakers peak their power at 1000W each. This high-quality package will guarantee a large presence of dynamic audio.

Completing a full three-way system as the SP15s consist of a 15" woofer, a midrange horn and bullet tweeter to cover all frequencies. Deep bass from the woofers is enhanced with the integrated bass ports. The speakers can be used as a full range with power and clarity in their output, or you can use one as a subwoofer mainly and the other as a mid to high-end speaker for focused sound.

Furthermore, the three-way system can be optimised with the amplifier's built-in mixer/3-band EQ. With a slider display on the front, bass, treble and middle frequencies can be adjusted to your preference and to ensure the best possible results from the DJ amplifier and speaker package.

Run your performance smoothly with the option to connect devices with the RCA inputs, which allow the connection of CD players, TVs or a computer. Using these allows continuous playback and remote control over the system from your booth. Similarly, the AUX input can be used to connect your smartphone, an MP3 player or a laptop. Switch between the input types with the selector switch.

Package Includes:

  • 2x Max SP15 15" Passive DJ Speaker
  • 1x Skytec SPL-700 2 Channel Power Amplifier
  • 2x Skytronic Speaker Cable 6.3m - Bare Wire 6.0m

Key Points:

  • Two passive speakers that can do a maximum of 1000W each, as a pair they can deliver a powerful 2000W to suit any small to medium-sized venue
  • SPL-700 amplifier has a maximum of 700W, (350W per channel)
  • Two-channel amp can connect both speakers at the same time with the included speaker cable, each channel has individually adjustable volume levels
  • 3-band EQ can alter the bass, midrange and treble frequencies of the audio through the speakers
  • MAX SP15s are made up of a 15" woofer-driver, a midrange driver and a tweeter making up a full 3-way speaker
  • Bass ports in the speaker further amplify the bass for deeper low end
  • DJ amplifier and speaker package is fully portable with speaker handles for carrying and corner protectors to reduce damage, the amp can be rack or flight case mounted
  • Metal grille protects the woofer from damage
  • Carpet covering for wear resistance and option to use outside as well as inside
  • Speakers have top hats to mount them on speaker stands, above ground-level use makes for optimised audio coverage
  • RCA inputs on the amplifier to connect CD players, TVs and Computers/laptops for playback of audio from input devices
  • AUX input on the front of the amplifier which can connect MP3 player devices, smartphones/tablets, or laptops
  • LED illuminated amp display with peaking/clipping indicators
  • Speaker can be connected with jack and clip terminals
  • 2 year extended warranty

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