Carlsbro CSD100 R Electronic Drum Kit - 7 Piece with Sticks


Carlsbro CSD100 R Electronic Drum Kit - 7 Piece with Sticks
( QQA1470 )

( QQA1470 )

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Key Features

  • 7-Piece electronic drum kit with a foldable telescopic frame
  • Record/Playback functionality
  • Headphone, AUX and MIDI OUT connections
  • Metronome function
  • 108 high-quality percussion Voices
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Product Description

The Carlsbro CSD100 R is a 7-piece electronic drum kit, loaded with a whole host of onboard functionality for both beginners and experienced drummers to enjoy. An ideal starter electronic drum kit, the CSD100 R is designed for simple set-up and convenient storage, with a lightweight telescopic frame that can easily be folded down when not in use, taking up minimal space in home offices and bedrooms.

This beginner electronic drum kit features a record/playback function that allows you to listen back to your playing. This feature is particularly useful for beginner players, as you can listen back to your playing and identify any areas of improvement you may want to work on.

With a headphone output included on the sound module of this kit, you can practise in almost complete silence without disturbing the members of your household or neighbours. You can also play along to backing tracks from an audio device by connecting it to the 3.5mm Jack AUX input on the sound module.

To get used to playing in time, this beginner electronic drum kit features a metronome function with adjustable BPM speeds. By using this function frequently, your playing will improve and you will develop a natural sense of timing without the need for a metronome or backing track in the future.

This starter electronic drum kit includes velocity-sensitive pads to provide an accurate sound as close to an acoustic kit as possible. The ride cymbal has a dual-zone design, meaning that the bell and main section provide different sounds when struck for the most realistic sound possible.

Including 108 high-quality percussion voices, you can fully customise the sound of this kit to fit different genres of music and your preferences. There are also 10 preset drum kits to choose from for a simple and user-friendly experience.

Key Points

  • 7-piece electronic drum kit ideal for beginners
  • Compact and foldable telescopic frame that allows quick setup times and easy storage
  • Record/playback function so that you can listen back to your playing, ideal for beginners to identify areas of improvement to work on
  • Headphone output for near-silent playing without disturbing anyone in your household or your neighbours
  • AUX input to connect a device like a smartphone or a tablet to play along to backing tracks
  • MIDI output to use in a studio setting for recording purposes
  • Metronome function with adjustable BPM speeds to get used to playing in time
  • 108 high-quality percussion voices to choose from, allowing you to fully customise the sound of the kit
  • 2-Year extended warranty
  • Compact foldable telescopic frame for perfect height adjustment.
  • Ride provides Ride and Ride Bell Sound
  • Kit Components
  • 1x Commander 100 Sound Module
  • 1x 7 inch Single-Zone Snare Pad
  • 3 x 7 inch Single-Zone Tom Pad
  • 3 x 8 inch Single-Zone Cymbal Pad (Hi-Hat/Crash/Ride)
  • 1x Hi-Hat Controller Pedal
  • 1x Bass Kick Pedal
  • 1x Pair of drumsticks
  • 1x Height adjustable 4-legged drum rack
    Commander 100 Sound Module
  • Digitron Display
  • 108 High Quality percussion Voice
  • 10 Preset Drum Kits
  • 10 Demo Songs
  • Metronome: Click Time Signature, Click Volume
  • Tempo: 30-250bpm
  • Connector: Aux in Jack (1/8 inch), Line Output (1/4 inch), MIDI out, Headphone Output (1/8 inch)
  • Recording and playback Facility
  • MPN: CSD100R
Customer Reviews
Product Questions
Could I set this set up for left handed playing?
Question by: Daniel Anderson on 23 Jul 2020, 11:57
Yes you could, you would just need to manually move the hi-hat and snare drum to fit your position comfortably
Answer by: Josh Hebbard on 24 Jul 2020, 09:11
The product description and feature sections talk about dual zone ride cymbal but the specification section talks of single zone cymbals only - is there a dual zone ride cymbal included or not ?
Question by: John Shankarmangalam on 6 Mar 2022, 09:36
The factory specification for the CS D100 kit states 1x 8" Hi-Hat cymbal, 1x 8" Crash cymbal, and 1x 8" Dual-zone ride cymbal. Our details will be updated
Answer by: Glenn Newton on 9 Mar 2022, 16:49