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Beginner DJ Set - Fenton SPB-210 Bluetooth Party Speaker Pair & Mixer

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  • Complete beginner DJ set with speakers and a mixer
  • Dual 10" speakers with bass reflex ports
  • Line and phono connections for audio playback
  • Bluetooth connectivity for wireless audio streaming
  • Microphone input with a talkover function
Product Description

This small DJ set is a complete package ideal for bedroom use. Including the SPB-210 speakers, the Vonyx STM3030 mixer and an RCA cable to connect them together, this system provides high-quality sound and a simple user experience.

The included SPB-210 speakers from Fenton are an active/passive set with dual 10" woofers and bass reflex ports. The active/passive design means that only one power source is needed for both speakers, and the integrated bass-reflex ports paired with the dual woofers provide a deep and defined bass response.

With line inputs as well as phono inputs, you can connect many devices to this bedroom DJ setup. The line inputs allow the connection of devices like CD mixers, DJ controllers or laptops, while the phono inputs are suitable for Vinyl players that require the extra voltage to work properly. You can use the integrated crossfader slider to seamlessly change the audio between the multiple inputs.

Another way to stream audio through this small DJ set is by using Bluetooth. Simply set the DJ mixer to Bluetooth mode and you will find it ready to pair in the settings of your smartphone, tablet or laptop. This is perfect for bedroom DJ use, as you won't require the improved signal strength that you would find with wired connections which would be better utilised for live performances.

This compact DJ setup also features a microphone input so that you can talk over or sing along to your music. The microphone input has a talkover function, meaning that the volume of the music will be cut when you speak, ensuring you can hear your voice clearly. Should this be unnecessary to you, this function can be turned off.

Package Includes

  • 1x Fenton SBP-210 Active/Passive Speaker Pair
  • 1x Vonyx STM3030 DJ Mixer
  • 1x Skytronic 2.5m RCA Cable

Key Points

  • Complete bedroom DJ setup with a pair of speakers, a mixer and an RCA cable to connect them together
  • Dual 10" woofers with bass reflex ports for a deep and defined bass response
  • Line inputs and phono inputs to connect a variety of devices at the same time
  • Crossfader slider to mix and seamlessly switch audio between connected devices
  • Bluetooth connectivity to wirelessly stream audio from a smart device
  • Microphone input with a talkover function for speech or singing with the music
  • 2-Year extended warranty

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