BeamZ SNOW600 Snow Machine with 20L Fluid, Bag & Magic Snow

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BeamZ SNOW600 Snow Machine with 20L Fluid, Bag & Magic Snow
( TTC0006 )

( TTC0006 )

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2 Year Warranty & 60 Days Returns Included

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Key Features

  • 600W compact snow machine
  • 4x 250ml fluid concentrate makes 20 litres
  • Powerful fake snow output with 5m wired remote control
  • Protective nylon GearSak carry bag
  • Easy to use machine thats ideal for parties

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Product Description

BeamZ's renowned Snow600 fake snow machine is just a terrific little performer that is extremely popular for Christmas parties and themed events. Its ultra-compact form is ideal for seasonal users as it requires very little storage space when not in use, and it comes with a durable gearsak protective carry bag.

This snow blowing machine a tough little unit with its white coloured hard plastic enclosure that includes a built-in carry handle for easy snow dispersal around an area. The push button remote comes with 5m of cable which is very useful for Christmas decorations and events like school plays where it can operated from a distance.

The Snow600 is a powerful fake snow machine for its compact size, making it ideal for party DJs that want a snow effect for their Christmas events. It can project up to 3m of foam-based fake snow, with the fabric sleeve outlet assisting in the production of a constant light snowfall effect.

The Snow600 snow blowing machine uses a water-based fluid to make a light foam imitation snow that is 100% biodegradable and non-toxic, making it completely safe to use around children and animals. It creates a realistic snowfall effect with good ground covering that disperses naturally after a few minutes with no mess or residue.

A fake snow machine is a fantastic purchase for kids parties and themed events throughout the year, and it comes here with a protective carry case and a large container of high performance snow fluid. It's simple to use and will provide hours of enjoyment.

Package Includes

  • 1x BeamZ Snow600 artificial snow machine
  • 4x BeamZ FSNF2025 fluid concentrate
  • 1x Universal GearSak carry bag
  • 1x Magic Snow effect powder

Key Details

  • Powerful compact snow machine designed for parties
  • 5m long cabled push button remote control
  • 250ml built-in snow fluid tank with level viewing window
  • Snow fluid concentrate mixeswith water to make 5 litres from each 250ml bottle
  • Comes with a protective GearSak universal carry bag
  • Small snow machine is economical to operate
  • 2 year warranty

( Beamz Snow Machine 600w Blizzard Snowflake Foam Remote Control DJ Disco Party
  • Falling snowflake effect
  • Remote control with 5m cable
  • Built-in 0.25L tank
  • Compact with easy-carry handle
BeamZ 160.605 FSNF025 Snowfluid 5 Percent Concentrate
  • Provides a soft foam artificial but realistic looking snow effect
  • With 250ml you make 5 litres of snow fluid after mixing with 4750ml of water
  • Not flammable
  • Use diluted only!
  • Please read safety instruction before using!
  • Made in Europe
Magic Artificial Pretend Instant Snow - Just Add Water to Tube
  • Add water and the powder turns into fake snow
  • Expands to 100 it's original volume
  • Spray with water to keep for several months
  • Leave to dry and reuse
  • Tube 12cm
SoundSak GEARSAK Universal Gear Sack
  • Tough PVC Material
  • Stitched Carry Handle
  • Universal Speaker Fitting
  • Holds All Kinds of Equipment
( Beamz Snow Machine 600w Blizzard Snowflake Foam Remote Control DJ Disco Party
  • Effect Distance: Approx 3m
  • Fluid Tank Capacity: 0.25L
  • Remote Cable Length: 5m
BeamZ 160.605 FSNF025 Snowfluid 5 Percent Concentrate
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 165 x 50 x 50mm
  • Weight: 0.2700
Magic Artificial Pretend Instant Snow - Just Add Water to Tube
  • N/A
SoundSak GEARSAK Universal Gear Sack
  • Internal Dimensions: 410 x 280 x 180mm
Customer Reviews
Product Questions
1. Can the BeamZ600 snow machine be used outdoors (not if it's raining - obviously)?
2. How long does each bottle of solution last if the machine is left to run?
Question by: B Fisher on 23 Nov 2022, 22:44
Yes they can be used outdoors no problem.
If on constantly the 250ml tank of the Snow600 will last around 8 minutes.
Snow machines are quite thirsty devices as the fluid is being blown out under pressure.
Answer by: Glenn Newton on 24 Nov 2022, 13:20