BeamZ Rage1500LED Smoke Machine with 5L Fluid

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BeamZ Rage1500LED Smoke Machine with 5L Fluid
( TTC1359 )

( TTC1359 )

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Key Features

  • 1500W smoke machine with fast heat up element
  • Built-in LED lights with colour mix and strobe mode via DMX
  • Digital wired remote timer control and wireless keyfob for manual overide
  • 3.5 litre illuminated fluid tank for long running time between refills
  • 5-litre bottle of high performance water-based smoke fluid

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Product Description

The Rage1500LED smoke machine from BeamZ comes with built-in LED lighting which highlights the smoke as it exits the machine to give a coloured plume effect. With fast heat-up time and both wired and wireless remote control, this party smoke machine is ideal for DJs and live performers.

With a 1500W heater and large 3.5 litre illuminated fluid tank, this disco smoke machine is a step up both in features and performance for a unit at this price point, with its digital handheld remote also giving access to the DMX menu. Time delay and burst duration can be preset for convenience, with an RF keyfob remote being included too for manual bursts.

This DMX smoke machine has 6x9W RGB LEDs which can be controlled in stand-alone mode or via DMX, which gives you access to its variable speed strobe mode and individual colour control. The Rage1500LED comes with an adjustable bracket which allows the unit to be hung from a lighting stand or truss if desired.

A professional smokemachine that offers the necessary output power and room coverage for medium to large event venues. Its convenient features are designed to make using the Rage1500LED simple and enjoyable, with its excellent performance making it an integral part of any lighting setup.

Supplied with 5 litres of BeamZ high-performance eco smoke fluid which has been formulated to be fully biodegradable and is ready to use straight from the bottle. It leaves no residue or staining to surfaces and produces a low density, slow dispersion smoke.

Package Includes

  • 1x BeamZ Rage1500LED Smoke Machine with DMX & LED Lighting
  • 1x 5-litre BeamZ Eco Water-Based Smoke Fluid

Key Details

  • 1500W element with 4 minute heat up and 1 minute re-heat time
  • 6x9W RGB LED lights with colour mix and strobe mode via DMX
  • Digital wired remote control and wireless RF keyfob for manual bursts
  • Large 3.5 litre illuminated fluid tank allows for long running time between fills
  • 5-litre bottle of low density, slow dispersion, water-based smoke fluid
( BeamZ Rage1500LED Smoke Machine with Lights
  • 1500W smoke machine with 3-in-1 LEDs
  • Led illuminated reservoir
  • Produces a high illuminated column of smoke
  • LCD remote control with timer function
  • Red, Green or Blue LED colour control by DMX or stand alone
  • Digital display to set DMX functions and stand-alone settings easy
  • 3500ml smoke fluid tank
  • Wired remote control, cable length 3m
BeamZ 5L Eco Light Green Smoke Fluid
  • Eco Friendly Fluid
  • Low Density Smoke
  • Slow Dispersing
  • Leaves no residue
( BeamZ Rage1500LED Smoke Machine with Lights
  • Heating element: 1500W
  • Heat-up time (minutes): 4
  • Reheat time (minutes): 1
  • Output volume per minute: 350m3
  • Tank capacity: 3.5l
  • Lightsource: 3-in-1 LED
  • LED Colours: Red, Green, Blue
  • LED Power (W): 9
  • Quantity of LEDs: 6
  • Modes: DMX
  • DMX Channels: 6
  • DMX Connector: 3-pin XLR
  • Power consumption: 5.9A
  • Power supply: 230/240VAC 50/60Hz
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 450 x 255 x 285mm
  • Weight (kg): 5.6000
  • Accessories: Mounting bracket, Power Cable, Remote control
BeamZ 5L Eco Light Green Smoke Fluid
  • Quantity: 5 Litres
  • Type: Smoke machine fluid
Customer Reviews
Product Questions
Hi are these smoke machines very powerfull it's OK for mate who owns waltzer so wants good kick out
Question by: Colin Brown on 23 Aug 2021, 12:26
Hi there, these are rather powerful machines yes!
Answer by: Ryan Greaves on 24 Aug 2021, 09:05