BeamZ ICE1800 Low Fog Machine & 5L Fluid

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BeamZ ICE1800 Low Fog Machine & 5L Fluid
( TTB1557 )

( TTB1557 )

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Key Features

  • 1800W low fog machine for dancefloors and stage performances
  • Separate ice cube and fluid compartments for simple setup
  • DMX or standalone operation for full control over the output
  • Large 2.5L tank with a 5L bottle of fluid included
  • Timer function with adjustable intervals and duration

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Product Description

The ICE1800 low fog machine from BeamZ is an extremely high-quality low lying fog machine that provides volume levels suitable for medium to large-sized spaces. It is perfect for first dances at weddings, as well as to be used in a stage performance or as a Halloween decoration.

This low fog machine works with two separate compartments that you put smoke fluid and ice cubes into separately. The fluid tank at the back is where you fill with smoke fluid, while the ice tray at the front of the machine is filled with ice cubes. The smoke being produced is then pushed through the ice cubes to cool it down, resulting in the fog staying low to the ground, perfect for Halloween parties for a spooky effect.

The smoke output for this Halloween fog machine can be adjusted through standalone or DMX operation. Use standalone mode to manually control the unit with the wired remote, or use DMX hardware and software in order to customise the smoke output and fan speed to work best for your preferences and requirements.

The smoke fluid tank in this low fog machine has a large 2.5L capacity, allowing you to use the machine for several hours before it needs to be refilled. There is also a 5L bottle of standard smoke fluid included with this machine, making it ready to be used instantly without needing any other equipment.

The remote control included with this low level fog machine has a timer, interval and duration function that allows you to set it to emit smoke automatically at a chosen time. For example, you can set it to activate for 10 seconds every 10 minutes in order to keep the room and floor nicely filled with smoke without needing to manually operate the machine.

Package Includes:
  • 1x Beamz 160.518 S1800 Low Fog Machine 1800W
  • 1x Beamz 160.580 5L Eco Smoke Fluid

FFA1146 - Low Lying DMX Dry Ice Effect Smoke Fogger Ground Fog Machine Party Show Stage DJ

This intricate technologydoesn't come at a better price: introducing the 1800W ICE1800 ice fog machine from Beamz, which is designed to produce a heavy ground fog and perform continuously at a professional level. Working similarly to a 'dry ice' effect, this machine will have the floor covered with a reservoir of swirling fog; transforming wedding and disco dance floors to wonderlands and obscuring your venue floor in a settled cloud. This effect boasts versatility with a number of different large or ongoing events, performances and shows, and can spill voluminously over the edge of a stage like a slow-falling waterfall. The ICE1800 has DMX control so it can operate simultaneously with other systems or be coupled with more than one machine. As long as the machine is covered, it will perform in sheltered outside areas, such as large marquees, tents or small outdoor stages.

All what you need to fuel this machine is ice cubes and ordinary smoke fluid; then the element within the machine cools the smoke tomake it denser, thicker and heavier causing the fog settle at floor-level. Wired timer remote control is supplied to initiate emission.

FFA1626 - 5 Litre Beamz Pro Eco High Quality Smoke Machine Liquid Halloween Theme Party

This is BeamZ new and improved, high performance, non-toxic water based fluid that leaves no residues. This fluid is completely Eco friendly, doesn't damage the environment and is entirely biodegradable. These fluids create a low density, high quality smoke.

Please note that colour of fluid doesn't affect the colour of smoke/haze, all fluids create white smoke.

( BeamZ ICE1800 Low Fog Machine
  • Ground / low fog effect
  • 1800W ice fogger
  • Works with smoke fluid and ice cubes
  • 2.5L tank
  • Stand alone mode or DMX
  • Thermostatically controlled heater
  • Wired timer remote control
  • For heavy commercial use: DJs, festivals, shows, shops and big events
BeamZ 5L Eco Light Green Smoke Fluid
  • Eco Friendly Fluid
  • Low Density Smoke
  • Slow Dispersing
  • Leaves no residue
( BeamZ ICE1800 Low Fog Machine
  • Heating element: 1800W
  • Smoke volume per minute: 200m3
  • Heat up time: 8 minutes
  • Tank capacity: 2500ml
  • Power supply: 220 - 240Vac / 50Hz
  • Weight: 20Kg
  • Height: 420mm
  • Width: 780mm
  • Length: 430mm
BeamZ 5L Eco Light Green Smoke Fluid
  • Quantity: 5 Litres
  • Type: Smoke machine fluid
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