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BeamZ H2000 DMX Haze Machine

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  • 1700W professional haze machine
  • 2-Channel DMX integration
  • Rapid heat-up time with a continuous output
  • Adjustable output and fan speed
  • Timer function for automatic bursts
  • Large 1.2L tank capacity
Product Description

The BeamZ H2000 DMX haze machine is designed for professional use for a powerful room-filling haze effect that can provide a continuous fine output rather than the dense burst of a standard smoke machine. With 1700W power, this DMX hazer can fill any small to large-sized rooms in minimal time to enhance the effect of lighting.

This hazer smoke machine features 2-channel DMX integration, great for use with large lighting and effects systems. DMX compatibility gives you complete control over the hazer, such as timed bursts, burst duration, and synchronised bursts with other effects fixtures.

With a 1700W heater and oversized blower fan, this DMX haze machine offers extremely quick heat-up times and a large output that can fill a room in seconds. Once the machine is warmed up and ready for use, it can be run continuously for any amount of time until the fluid in the tank runs out, perfect for large applications.

The H200 features an integrated LCD screen and menu, giving you settings control such as a timer, lock and manual control. Using this menu, you can adjust the output volume and fan speed, making this DMX hazer easily adjustable to any sized room and application.

Using the LCD screen and menu, you can set the hazer smoke machine to output at selected times. For example, you can program it to output smoke every 20 minutes to ensure that the room is always filled with thin smoke for your lighting effects to always look as good as possible.

Key Points

  • 1700W professional haze machine, producing a thin smoke effect best used with lighting fixtures
  • 2-channel DMX integration for full control over the hazer and compatibility with large effects setups
  • Quick heat-up time with a continuous output, perfect for large spaces
  • Adjustable output and fan speed, making the hazer easily adaptable to any sized room
  • Timer function for automatic bursts of smoke at set times
  • Large 1.2L tank capacity for hours of use before needing to be refilled
  • 2-Year extended warranty
  • Works with Regular Smoke Fluid
  • 2-Channel DMX Mode, Smoke Output and Fan Speed
  • Adjustable Output and Fan Speed in Stand Alone Mode
  • Continuous Output after Initial warm up Time
  • Heat-up time: 3 Minutes
  • DMX Channels: 2
  • Power supply: 220-240Vac - 50Hz
  • Dimensions: 350 x 185 x 360mm
  • Weight: 8kg

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