BeamZ F1500 DMX Haze Machine & 5L Fluid


BeamZ F1500 DMX Haze Machine & 5L Fluid
( TTA3162 )

( TTA3162 )

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Key Features

  • Professional haze machine for medium to large-sized venues
  • 1500W thermostatically-controlled heating element
  • DMX compatible for full control over the smoke output
  • Timer function with adjustable intervals and burst duration
  • Large 1.2L tank with a 5L bottle of high-density fluid included
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Product Description

The F1500 from BeamZ is a high-quality DMX haze machine that provides a thin mist effect throughout a medium to large-sized venue. It is ideal to enhance the effects of lighting effects units like lasers in order to clearly see the beams of light that they are producing while not being too thick in the air.

This DMX hazer has a 1500W heating element with a thermostatic design, providing quick heat up times and a high smoke output. The thermostatic design of the heating element allows it to easily detect when it is hot enough for operation, as well as when it is getting too hot to allow it time to cool down before the next use.

Featuring DMX connections, you are able to achieve complete control over this hazer smoke machine to perfectly match your requirements. By using DMX hardware and software with this machine, you are able to choose the exact smoke output that it emits to work effectively in any sized room.

This DMX haze machine can also be operated in a plug-and-play manner without the need for any other equipment thanks to the wired remote control. The control has a timer, interval and duration function that allows you to set the machine to output smoke at particular times in intervals in order to keep the room constantly filled with smoke.

The tank on this haze machine has a large 1.2L capacity, making it able to be used for several hours at a time before it needs to be refilled, perfect for long all-day events. There is a fluid level window on the rear of the machine so that you can easily see how much liquid is in the tank so you know when you need to refill it. As well as this, a 5L bottle of high-density fluid is included so that you can use the machine straight away.

Package Includes:
  • 1x QTX Light 160.591 5L High Quality Haze Fluid
  • 1x Beamz 160.510 F1500 Haze Machine 1500W

FFA0549 - 5 Litres of High Quality, High Density Haze Fluid

High quality haze fluiddesigned for use with all makes of haze machine producing a high quality fine mist enhancing light effects and laser shows. This fluid non-toxic and leaves no residue after use.

FFA1140 - Beamz Pro 1500W DMX Timer Remote Misty Smoke Fog Effect DJ Party Haze Machine

You may have heard of a hazer, but a fazer? Here we are introducing the 1500W Fazer machine from beamZ which is built to sustain continuous haze emissions throughout the night. Haze acts as a fine mist, ideally paired with lighting to trace pathways of light through the air; making a spectacular and memorable show within medium or larger venues during parties and DJ sets. This machine is capable to perform frequently over longer shows and performances and has DMX control; offering you to pair systems together, including lighting systems, so they can work alongside one another effectively. Equipped with high quality heater with rapid heat-up time and wired remote controlso emissions are at your fingertips.

( QTX Light 5L High Density Haze Fluid
  • High performance fluid producing an ultra fine mist
  • Suitable for all manufacturers of haze machines
  • Non-toxic Solution
  • Leave No Residue
  • Density: High
  • Fog Colour: Deep White
  • Dispersion: Slow
  • Stability: Good
BeamZ F1500 DMX Haze Machine
  • Timer controlled
  • Continuously produces haze where needed
  • Works with normal smoke fluid
  • Stand alone or DMX mode
  • Thermostatically controlled heater
  • 1200ml liquid tank
  • Wired remote control 5m length
  • Professional system for DJs, events and shows
( QTX Light 5L High Density Haze Fluid
  • Density: High
  • Fog colour: Deep white
  • Dispersion: Slow
  • Stability: Good
  • Colour of fluid: Clear
BeamZ F1500 DMX Haze Machine
  • Heating element: 1500W
  • Smoke volume per minute: 150 m3
  • Heat up time: 4 minutes
  • Tank capacity: 1200ml
  • DMX channels: 1
  • Power supply: 220-240Vac / 50Hz
  • Height: 260mm
  • Width: 580mm
  • Length: 280mm
  • Weight: 7Kg
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