DJ Package - Hercules P32, Vonyx 12" Active Speakers & Headphones

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DJ Package - Hercules P32, Vonyx 12" Active Speakers & Headphones
( SSE8079 )

( SSE8079 )

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Regular Price £669.00 Special test Price £569.00
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Key Features

  • DJ kit can be used on the go when used with a laptop, software compatible on Windows/Mac OS
  • Speakers with multiple line-ins to connect additional equipment to complete a performance rig
  • Mixer controller with several professional features to use for unique results
  • User-friendly interface and software with video tutorials and illuminated, labelled deck
  • Headphones included for private audio playback with no delay in live settings
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Product Description

The VSA120S speaker pair makes a perfect addition to this DJ package, offering all the necessary features for all levels of user. Incorporating an integrated 800W amplifier in the active speaker, it negates the need for an additional amp to be transported to gigs and also powers the passive when connected with the supplied NL2 cable.

Two separate mic inputs are available, suiting different microphone adapter types. You can connect an XLR cable and a 6.5mm jack for singing or crowd/public addressing. In addition to this, there is a specifically designated 6.5mm jack input for a guitar to be used through the speaker making it perfect for touring bands. The microphone inputs have an adjustable echo feature offering a great professional effect for singers especially.

An RCA and 3.5mm AUX line-in makes it possible for external audio sources to be used alongside the set. Furthermore, adjust the overall tonality of the pair with the bass and treble dials that can amplify and subtract their presence in the output.

The inclusion of the Hercules P32 DJ controller is extremely user-friendly with lots of functions to take advantage of. A suitable DJ starter kit for entry-level and experienced users, the P32 features 2 decks and 2 sampler decks, giving you the ability to mix two tracks together whilst also being able to implement two other audio files into your mix.

Featuring 32 illuminated performance pads, you can add custom live sounds into your performance whilst mixing. Each side of the deck features 16 touch-sensitive pads with effects including hot cue, loop, slicer and sampler, all of which can be used during a performance to add effect and dynamics to the music. The illuminated design of the pads ensures that you can see them clearly if you are performing in a dark room, making the controller highly versatile for different scenarios.

Included with this DJ package is the DJUCED 40 software that you can install on a PC or laptop. The DJUCED software is very user-friendly and offers video tutorials and tips that are great for beginners who are new to mixing. This being said, you have the option to turn the tutorials off and have free reign over the software, making it more than just a beginner DJ set.

Using this DJ package has many uses and purposes, such as helping you learn how to mix at home as well as live performances for when you are comfortable with the features. The included headphones mean that you can practice and listen to your mixes anywhere thanks to the headphone socket, also useful at gigs where you can hear the changes you're making without delay in sound so you can be more precise in your mixing ability. 

A perfect DJ starter kit that allows you to practice on the go as it is USB powered and compatible with different computer operating systems. Connecting the P32 controller to your laptop means you can use the user-friendly DJUCED software and access the different tutorials and tips that are available to make you familiar with all the different effects and ways to mix two tracks together.

The addition of the VSA120S Speaker set gives you the option to perform live at gigs and parties with a powerful audio performance so you can entertain everyone with your unique mixes. Alternatively, you can use them at home or in a studio to listen to your mixes as loud as possible with great quality, stereo sound.

Package Includes:

  • 1x Vonyx VSA120S Stereo DJ Speaker Set
  • 1x Hercules P32 DJ Mixer Deck
  • 1x Hercules DJ45 Folding On-Ear Headphones
  • 1x Twin RCA Signal Cable Lead

Key Points:

  • DJ package that is perfectly suited for beginners and experts who want to practice at home or do performances at gigs and parties
  • 32 illuminated touchpads across the two sides of the decks to visualise the beat/rhythm of the music as well as show the effects being used
  • DJUCED 40 software offers tutorials and tips to help you learn how to use the controller and the software's interface to make the most of the features in mixes
  • USB powered to connect it to a laptop or PC, compatible with Windows and Mac OS
  • Loop, hot cue, slicer, crossfade and sampler effects are available to be used
  • 800W amplifier built into the active unit to power the passive speaker when connected with the NL2 cable included
  • 5-band EQ to adjust the frequency response from the 12-inch woofer and high compression driver
  • Integrated multimedia player can read audio from inserted USB sticks, also has Bluetooth module for wireless music streaming from smartphones
  • Separate mic and guitar inputs, perfect for solo acts and bands as well as public address during gigs
  • Microphone line has adjustable echo effect to alter your vocal tone
  • All line-ins have adjustable levels for full control over the speaker output
  • Comfortable closed back headphones can be connected directly to the controller for private playback of your mixes with no delay in sound, allowing precise changes to be made
  • Foldable headphones are portable and can be used on the go similarly to the P32 controller when used with a laptop
( Vonyx VSA120S 12" Bluetooth Active DJ Speaker Pair
  • High power 800W Stereo Speaker Set
  • New Generation Dual amplifier
  • 1x 12" Amplified speaker and 1x 12" Passive speaker
  • Incredibly simple to setup and use
  • Built-in Multimedia-player (USB)
  • Digital LCD display with ID3 Tag
  • Using Bluetooth wireless technology for audio streaming
  • Built-in Equaliser with 5-band control
  • Guitar, Stereo Line and microphone inputs
  • Mix output (XLR)
  • Including remote control and connection cable (4m NL2)
Skytronic Twin RCA - Twin RCA Signal Cable 2.5m
  • Colour: Black and Red
  • Connectors: 2 x Phono plugs / 2 x Phono plugs
  • Length: 2.5m
  • Type: Standard
  • Cable Required: Fig 8 screened
Hercules HDP DJ45 DJ Headphones - Over Ear - Closed Back
  • High comfort soft padding
  • High sound insulation
  • Equipped with curled cable on one ear cup (left)
  • Rotatable ear cups
  • Fully collapsible
  • Equipped with 3.5mm jack connector
  • Includes 3.5mm to 6.3mm adapter
Hercules P32 DJ DJ Mixer Controller
  • Includes DJUCED 40 software
  • 32 illuminated performance pads
  • Various effects including loop, hot cue, sllicer...
  • Equipped with one fader per channel + crossfader
  • 3-band equalizer per channel
  • Easy navigation and selection of your music library
  • Equipped with headphone connection and line output
  • Kensington lock against theft
( Vonyx VSA120S 12" Bluetooth Active DJ Speaker Pair
  • Input Connections: 3.5 mm jack, 6.3 mm jack, RCA, USB, XLR (3-pin)
  • Output Connections: XLR (3-pin)
  • Max Output Power: 800W
  • Output Power: 400W
  • Frequency response: 35Hz - 18.000Hz
  • Diameter woofer: 12"
  • Magnet type: Ferrite
  • Impedance: 8 Ohms
  • SPL max: 120dB
  • Power supply: 220-240VAC 50Hz
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 315 x 380 x 595mm
  • Weight (kg): 26
Skytronic Twin RCA - Twin RCA Signal Cable 2.5m
  • Lead length: 2.5m
  • Weight (kg): 1
Hercules HDP DJ45 DJ Headphones - Over Ear - Closed Back
  • Cable length: 1 meter, extendable to 2+ meters
  • Ear cup type: Over-ear, closed back
  • Impedance: 60 ohms
  • Speakers: 50mm
  • Frequency range: 20Hz - 20kHz
  • Noise Canceling: Passive isolation, max -32dB
  • Headband adjustment: Extendable by 3cm on both sides
  • Ear cup rotation
  • Weight with/without cable: 340g/280gr
Hercules P32 DJ DJ Mixer Controller
  • Headphone connection: 6.3mm jack
  • Line output: RCA
  • Power supply via USB (USB cable included)
  • Downloadable DJUCED software
  • Minimum system requirements: CPU - 2 GHz or higher, RAM - 2GB or more, Windows 7 or higher (32 and 64 bit), MAC OS X 10.8 or higher (32 and 64 bit)
  • Dimensions: 355 x 238 x 48mm
  • Weight: 1kg

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