All Hallows Eve is upon us!

Halloween has become a real annual fixture for us Brits, with fancy dress parties, themed events, and the decoration of homes and businesses now a large part of people's autumn calendars.

With the right choice of Halloween lighting and smoke effects, you can create the perfect spooky ambiance to give any Halloween party the desired mood and feel.

Using just a bit of imagination, and the correct effects and decorations, you can easily transform any venue into a foggy graveyard, musty crypt, or eerie castle to thrill your guests.

We have Smoke Machines for a thick, room filling effect, and Haze Machines for that thinner mist. For the serious graveyard look theres the Ice Ground Foggers, which chill the smoke down over ice cubes to give a dense low level effect that's long lasting.

Where theres smoke theres fluid! And we have top up bottles and large professional refill bottles of Smoke Fluid, Fog Fluid, Bubble Machine Fluid and Haze Fluid to suit all of our atmospheric effects machines.

Using the correct effects fluid is so important to get the proper results from any machine, and to keep them operating correctly. All our fluids are manufacturer approved to ensure safe and predictable results from your equipment.

Classic lightning and storm effects are available from different sized Strobe Lights, which can work alone, or in tandem with a large range of UV Blacklight systems and UV bulbs for standard fittings. Ultraviolet light gives a purple glow to any white fabrics, and enhances uv specific clothing and paint allowing it to glow in the dark.

We have classic Halloween decorations like stretchy white spider's web for both indoor and outdoor use. Or for a real authentic Halloween experience there are animated Hanging Bats which scream and flap around, and a Hanging Zombie which is motion activated, and makes the perfect doorway or entrance greeting!

Halloween Lighting is so important for creating a great party atmosphere, and the use of colour changing Par Can Lights or Wash Lights can really make the difference you need.

They can flood an area with specific colour, fade through a range of colours and patterns, or be used to uplight walls or ceilings.

We've taken the stress out of trying to decide what's best for your Halloween party, and created some fantastic Halloween Packages for you. These carefully selected packs come in a range of costs to suit all budgets, and include anything from simple Halloween Fairy Lights and Stretchy Spider Web decoration, up to Low Fog Machines bundled with UV Blacklights and screaming Zombie props.

We hope you enjoy our Halloween selection. From large events to small home gatherings, there is something here for everyone.



Halloween Products FAQ

How do Smoke Machines work?

Smoke machines use a special fluid which is fed from an onboard reservoir tank, through a pump, into an electric coil heat exchanger. The liquid is then vaporized by the heat under pressure and forced out of a directional nozzle, producing smoke.

Its this exact same technology in a miniaturised form that is used in Vape electronic cigarettes.

What is Smoke Fluid made of?

Modern Smoke Fluid is water based, and mixed with either medical grade glycerin or glycol which are organic based compounds used in all manner of products from medicines to biofuels. It creates a non toxic smoke which is safe for inhalation and will not stain, and doesn't leave the slippery residue that was common with the traditional oil based fluids.

Different grades or mixtures of fluid are available to suit the various types of machines and the desired effects, but are made from the same ingredients.

Smoke Fluid, though water based, has chemical components that are not fit for human consumption. Contact with eyes or skin must be washed immediately with plenty of clean water.

I've found cheap Fog Fluid online, is it ok to use?

Professional smoke and fog fluid has to pass stringent health and safety tests in the UK, and is often mixed in ratios specific to the type of machine it's being sold for. Using fluid from unknown sources such as eBay carries several risks, such as the production of toxic fumes, or permanent damage to the internals of the machine, and use of it will also void any warranty. We highly recommend users stick with the manufacturer's supplied product or our recommended fluids.

What's the best way to get our Halloween party foggy?

It depends how foggy or mist covered you want things!

For the thickest smoke effect, a standard Smoke Machine is the way to go as it will pump out dense plumes, though these will dissipate. If you're after a longer lasting dense effect than you need to look at a Fogger Machine, which produces a slightly thinner but still heavy smoke to fill a room, with longer air hang time.

Then comes the Hazer Machine, which outputs a much finer and wider reaching fog. Its thinner in the air, so is good for atmosphere without making visibility difficult.

A Ground Fog Machine is the largest system, and gives you that low to the floor smoke by use of an ice compartment.

There is a Smoke Machine for all requirements, so it's up to you to decide which will suit your event best.

Can I add a smell or scent to my Fog Fluid?

Yes ! In its natural form, smoke and fog fluids are fragrance free, but there is a range of scents available that can be added into the fluid reservoir to give the desired effect. You can choose from flavours like mint, coconut, vanilla, strawberry and tropical to make your smoke have a subtle hint of taste and smell.

Can I change the colour of the Smoke or Fog?

Sadly no. Due to the vapourising process used by the machines, it's not possible for pigments to be added as they would simply burn off during heating. Though different fluids come coloured in their bottles, this is for easy identification, and all will produce standard white smoke.

Smoke and fog can obviously be illuminated though, and this will actually give a far stronger colour effect than if the fog itself were tinted somehow.

What is a Blacklight?

The name blacklight comes from the bulb or tube having a black colour when off. Due to this they are easily identifiable from other lamps. Their main use is for observing fluorescence which appear both naturally and man made in a variety of objects. Though LED blacklights are available, the larger more powerful units will generally be tube type lamps as these provide the correct frequency characteristics. In standard power output they are safe for use without the need for skin or eye protection.

How do Blacklights work?

A blacklight is a light source that's been specifically constructed and filtered to block the output of visible light and allow only ultraviolet light out. These filters cause the glass to look black when off, and have a violet glow to them when in use.

The glow you see is actually normal light that's managed to escape being filtered, as ultraviolet light is not visible. It allows us to view the natural and man made fluorescent colours that would otherwise not be visible, and they are used in everything from medicine to forensics, to party effects and nightclubs. More powerful versions are used in chemical curing, and for sun tanning beds.

What are LED uplighters?

Perfect for providing vivid colours across a room, uplighting walls and ceilings. The use of a Par Can or Uplighter can transform the look of an area quickly, and using modern powerful LED technology means no hot casings or glass, meaning units can be hidden in objects or material to blend in with your theme.

LED uplighters can work alone, or several units can be linked together to perform synchronised colour fades.

These Par Can style lights are also available now with high power ultraviolet LEDs, meaning you can incorporate Blacklighting into your fade sequence, or use them separately as UV room washes.

They are much higher output than traditional lamp based Blacklights and UV bulbs, so choosing one over the other will come down to your personal requirements and just how strong an effect you wish to have.

Can i use Effects Lights and Smoke Machines outside?

Most LED par cans and smoke machines are fine to use both indoors and outdoors with suitable dry conditions. Most however do not possess the necessary protection against liquids, so cannot be rained on, and similarly will not do well with drinks being spilled on them.

Visibility of certain effects will also obviously be limited when used in an open environment compared to an enclosed area. Though they will function outdoors, it must be remembered that this is not their primary design, so their performance capabilities will be lessened.

Are Effects Lights and Smoke Machines safe to use around children?

As with all electrical equipment, supervision and proper placement will ensure you minimise any potential risks from prying hands.

Smoke Machines and Fog systems get hot in use, and the output nozzles can burn fingers if touched so must be used treated with caution.

Smoke output from all our machines is non toxic and safe for inhalation and skin contact.

Smoke Fluid, though water based, has chemical components that are not fit for human consumption. Contact with eyes or skin must be washed immediately with plenty of clean water.

LED lighting units are extremely bright, so direct close up eye contact can cause temporary blurred or spotty vision, but will not cause permanent damage. Though risks are very minimal, it is always worth giving any equipment the caution and respect it deserves to ensure your usage and your events go smoothly.