Mixer Stands

The fastest way to spoil your show, which seemed to be going well so far, is to topple over your mixing stand. Don't balance your expensive DJ gear on makeshift stands and wobbly tables, it's not worth the risk. Purchase a high-quality (and stable) mixing stand from this selection of different DJ tables and PA mixer stands. From simple stands for your laptop and speakers to more complex units with multi-tier shelves and platforms, find the right piece of kit for you on ElectroMarket.

There are a lot of mixing stands on the market, but each is a little different. Most, however, will fold up into a practical size, perfect to fit easily in the back of your car or van. Some of the more simple kits are so easy to set up that you won't have to worry about a late start to your set. Both the simple and advanced mixing stands offer great stability, so give your expensive DJ gear the platform it deserves.

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