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AKG have been front and centre of the professional music production industry for over 60 years, with their groundbreaking microphones being the standard in radio stations, television recording and music studios since they first launched the worlds first high quality condenser microphone in the eraly 1950's.

AKG means quality, and the reliability that makes it still so popular in professional working environments. Multi-award winning headphones and its wireless microphone systems have graced the stage of many famous performers over the years, all with the confidence in use that is at the core of AKG products.


Famous from the start is rarely the case with any new brand, but is exactly what happened with AKG after releasing its first microphones in the late 1940s. They immediately found demand in live clubs and studios, and by 1952 with the release of the famous C12 condenser microphone which was adopted by the BBC amongst other corporations, the AKG name could only get better.

Constant design and innovation in the development of new microphone technology has kept the AKG brand at the very top of the live performance and recording industry, with its world class headphone range being favoured by both studios and hi-fi enthusiasts.


Professional and home, the products of AKG often find favour in both environments due to outstanding sound quality and traditional comfort designs. Never behind the latest trends in technology, you can find Bluetooth wireless connection and the amazing active noise cancelling to several of the headphone range, meeting demand for the commuter or travelling user. 


Its award winning digital multi channel WMS microphone series with its advanced frequency scanning and incredible long battery life has helped keep the brand on live stages where others simply cannot compete.

AKG products include design features such as (depending on model)

  • ACN - Active Noise Cancelling

  • 30 hours operation from a single AA battery

  • Digital Transmission with encryption

  • 40mm reference class drivers

  • Dual diaphragm condenser

  • Selectable polar patterns

  • Dual shock capsule mount


The Perception series are traditional wired microphones for the live singer and musician, offering stunning clear vocals and depth of soundstage. Available in standard P3S or the P5S which features enhanced feedback surpression, these classic vocal mics offer amazing value for the performance they give.


The WMS series features the award winning Mini 40 wireless system, with its micro format and plug & play design making it an instant hit for venues and performers. Crystal clear vocals and ultra long battery life along with its all digital transmission make the WMS a serious choice for all levels of user.



Famous for its closed back studio headphones, the K72 and K52 units keep the classic design cues and performance levels you would expect from AKG, with large 40mm drivers and the iconic dual rail headband. These headphones offer the user a reference level experience, with the K72 offering a wider frequency range thats designed for studio editing.

For the user on the move, the amazing value K402 in its strinking blue finish have the ability to neatly fold away, so perfect for the gym or the commute.

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