Best Fake Snow Machines For Christmas 2021

Small-sized portable artificial snow machines are perfect for non-professional users. Easy to store away and low cost, they are great for adding that bit of extra fun at Christmas gatherings and children's parties. With simple push-button control, these snow machines are simple to operate and they use a non-toxic water-based snow fluid which is completely safe for children, pets, and general use indoors and outdoors.

What performance should I expect from an artificial snow machine?

These style of fake snow machines all operate with water-based fluid, which is heated and diffused upon output. Technically speaking, they are a variant of foam machines and create their snow-like effect from fast-drying foam thats been dispersed as thinly as the machine can manage. The main factors affecting performance on a snow machine is the size of the fluid tank and power rating of the heater and pump. The budget systems will generally create a thicker, more foam-like output than the more powerful systems. This can be a surprise to the uninformed buyer that's perhaps expecting dry snow or powdery texture, but this is how all consumer-level snow systems function. As with smoke machines, the heater on a snow machine affects the atomization of the fluid, turning the liquid into a dispersible, while the pump provides the pressure to ensure the output travels as far as possible from the machine nozzle. The nature of a snow machine means it will use fluid fairly quickly during operation, so the larger the fluid tank onboard, the less it will require refills whilst in use. We have chosen a selection of our 6 best snow machines that offer a great mix of performance ratings and capabilities that will give you a white Christmas whatever the weather!

  • BeamZ SNOW600 Snow Machine

    Starting with the lowest cost system on offer, the BeamZ SNOW600 Snow Machine is a great little machine for home parties and small venues. Made from strong plastic to keep the cost low, and with built-in carry handle, the SNOW 600 is ideal for some Christmas fun for the kids. Its small size makes it nice and portable, and allows easy storage. You get a 5m long cable with push-button remote control, and its 250ml fluid tank gives you a decent amount of run time from a fill. With an approximate projection of 3 metres, the unit is easy to pick up and carry for dispersion to larger areas, so large rooms and gardens aren't an issue. Features at a glance:

    • Heater element - 600W
    • Fluid tank capacity - 250ml
    • Remote Control - Wired Remote with 5m Cable

    A lovely little snow machine at low cost. This rugged little system is cheap enough for casual home use, yet tough enough to find favour with mobile performers and small stage events.

  • BeamZ SNOW600 Snow Machine BeamZ SNOW600 Snow Machine

  • RAGE 1800 Snow Machine with Wireless Remote & Timer Control

    The new Rage range of atmospheric machines has broken the rules when it comes to performance and value, and the Rage 1800 Snow Machine is no exception, bringing you thick snow covering for your Christmas events. The raised body design allows much better floor clearance than a standard style snow machine, which has a huge effect on the snow outputs distribution. It also allows the inclusion of an extra-large fluid tank to the back of the unit for significant run times and uninterrupted use. Encased in metal for both durability and cooling of the pump, the Rage 1800 features a long life output nozzle and unique illuminated fluid tank for easy level checking. Its excellent wired remote control includes LCD readout for timer control, and there's an RF remote control and DMX for longer distance operation. Features at a glance:

    • Heater element - 1800W
    • Fluid tank capacity - 3500ml
    • DMX Control
    • Remote Control - Wired Remote with 3m Cable + Wireless Remote Fob

    The Rage range of machines continues to impress. This powerful snow machine with its large fluid tank and dual remotes is a professional system at an unbelievably low price for what's on offer.

  • RAGE 1800 Snow Machine with Wireless Remote & Timer Control RAGE 1800 Snow Machine with Wireless Remote & Timer Control

  • BeamZ Snow 900-LED Snow Machine with 6 LEDs

    Bringing you the versatility of two effects in one unit, the Snow 900-LED Snow Machine with LED's is superb for bringing that something special to parties and gatherings, with plenty of power for professional users too. This artificial snow machine is a powerful 900W unit with thermostat protection, giving a high output from its large fan to produce realistic-looking snowflakes. Built from tough, easy-clean plastic, the Snow 900-LED has a 1000ml fluid tank for good operating times between refills. The multi-colour effect lighting comes from 6x 1W LED bulbs that are mounted around the output nozzle, creating a vibrant effect to the snow as it exits that's exciting for childrens gatherings and Christmas parties. The wireless remote control allows easy operation of the LEDs and snow output from a distance, and the integrated handle allows the machine to be clamped to a suitable lighting bar for DJ's. Features at a glance:

    • Heater element - 900W
    • Fluid tank capacity - 1000ml
    • 6x 1W RGB LEDs
    • Remote Control - RF Wireless Remote Control

    The LED lights could seem like a gimmick, but actually add a really unique effect to this lovely snow machine. It has plenty of power for small to medium rooms and is suitable for both home users or working professionals.

  • BeamZ Snow 900-LED Snow Machine with 6 LEDs BeamZ Snow 900-LED Snow Machine with 6 LEDs

  • BeamZ SNOW1800 Snowmachine

    Currently the largest artificial snow machine in their range, the BeamZ SNOW1800 Snow machine is a workhorse, built to handle the requirements of everyone from the festive home users to professionals. The powerful 1800W motor gives a huge throw distance that's perfect for larger rooms and areas, both indoors and outdoors. It can be used to decorate a festive display or event or to add some Christmas fun to parties and stage productions. Featuring a large 2.5 litre fluid tank and adjustable flow control via the wired remote unit, the Snow 1800 gives you as much economy as is possible from a machine of this type, with timer-controlled release and full DMX control to allow integration into programmed shows and large DJ lighting rigs. Features at a glance:

    • Heater element - 1800W
    • Fluid tank capacity - 2500ml
    • DMX Control
    • Remote Control - Wired Remote with Timer

    A serious snow machine that offers large coverage from its powerful motor and fan setup. With DMX control it's definitely got the more professional user in mind, though will happily cover your living room should you be tempted by its immense value.

  • BeamZ SNOW1800 Snowmachine BeamZ SNOW1800 Snowmachine

  • Rage 1000 Snow Machine With Wireless Remote

    The smaller of the Rage artificial snow systems, the Rage 1000 Snow Machine brings the same great design and user-friendly features of its larger brother, just with a slight reduction in output power to better cater to smaller rooms and event spaces. The powerful 1000W motor and heater unit is coupled to an onboard 2-litre fluid tank for excellent snow foam production times between refills. This makes it a great unit for mobile DJ's and party organisers as it will last much longer than budget systems with smaller tanks. The Rage 1000 Snow comes with a wired remote firing button on a 3m cable and for extra convenience an RF remote control, which is perfect for operating the machine when its hidden out of sight or hanging up on a lighting bar. Features at a glance:

    • Heater element - 1000W
    • Fluid tank capacity - 2000ml
    • Remote Control - Wired Remote + Wireless Remote Fob

    The hugely impressive Rage atmospherics are quickly becoming bestsellers, with professional design and specifications usually not found on such low-cost products. While obviously lower powered than the Rage 1800 system, this 1000W unit is no slouch, and

  • Rage 1000 Snow Machine With Wireless Remote Rage 1000 Snow Machine With Wireless Remote

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Frequently Asked...

What is the best snow machine to buy?

The best snow machine to buy is one with a big enough fluid tank capacity to cater to your usage of the machine, as well as those that have the necessary features that you require, such as DMX or remote control.

How much would a snow machine cost?

In recent years, the price of snow machines has fallen to the lowest they have ever been with units regularly selling for under £50, now more affordable than ever.

Do snow machines make real snow?

Snow machines do not make real snow but make what is as close to a snow effect as you can get, with a fast-drying foam substance being produced from its water-based solution.

How long does snow machine snow last?

A snow machine normally goes through fluid at a litre a minute, but this varies depending on the device, the temperature of the machine and the location of which the machine is being used in.

Can you use a snow machine outdoors?

Snow machines can be used outdoors as well as indoors, but most snow machines do not have a high enough resistance IP rating against moderate to heavy rain and so it is advised to keep these devices dry.